1 Password 4.X WIN Licenze .. how to use in 1 Password 7

Hi Team,
I reinstalled win 10 on my home pc...so I download and installed last version of 1 Password 7... How can insert my KEY license? Ihave anumber not a file as is required by the new version.
Thank you

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  • Hey @stefano71, from the 1Password menu in the titlebar at the top of the 1Password window you should have a license option you can use to apply a 1Password 7 for Windows license.

    Let me know how you get on.. :+1:

  • Hi again @stefano71, one thing to note incase I was not clear in my previous reply. 1Password 7 for Windows requires a 1Password 7 for Windows license, you cannot use a 1Password 4 for Windows license with 1Password 7 for Windows as your 1Password 4 for Windows license, is for 1Password 4 for Windows only.

    To upgrade to 1Password 7 for Windows, I would highly recommend trying a 1Password membership as you get all of our apps included as part of having an active membership for free. No need to worry about purchasing licenses any more, that is unless you're in a situation where you're unable to make use of a 1Password account and require a standalone version.

    If you're unable to use an account, you should add your existing 1Password data from 1Password 4, to 1Password 7. You will be given some alert banners telling you that 1Password 7 for Windows is in, read-only. You will at that point need to buy a license from the screens shown when clicking 'buy'. However, I do recommend the membership if you're able to make use of it, as the experience is a lot nicer and feature-rich.

  • Hi Dodler, Than you for your support.
    I'm a leattle warried about 1 Password 7 and 1 Passowrd account. Working with 1 Password 4 I become confident with my vault stored on my local pc. My question is, It is possible to move from 1 Password 4 to 1 Password 7 but mantening the valut on my local PC?
    In that case what steps do you suggest to migrate at new version?
    Thank you

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    We don't recommend that, but it is possible. Before you decide which direction to go I'd highly recommend checking out our guide that explains how we secure your 1Password data:

    About the 1Password security model

    In short: 1Password data is end-to-end encrypted, and only you have the keys. We never have the keys, and what we don't have can't be stolen from us.

    If you decide to upgrade to a 1Password membership instructions for doing so can be found here:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    If you'd rather continue to use 1Password "standalone" with a license you can purchase a license within the 1Password 7 for Windows application. I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


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