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Hi all, I'm not sure if this is in the correct place so please forgive me and move it if not.

I finally got around (after many many months) to making some of my less critical logins "low security" on my Desktop 1Password. My high security "master password" is very long with all manner of cases, symbols and numbers, and although I can type in it a second or two on my Mac it is extremely difficult and fiddly to type in correctly on an iPhone.

The feature I wish to request is the ability to have more flexibility other than "low" and "high" on the iPhone. The way I was thinking this could be achieved is by having the option for longer length PINs on the iPhone app for "low security".

Whilst 4 digits is apparently good enough for banking, I am quite capable of remembering and speedily tapping out 11 or 12 digits (from phone numbers) on my iPhone. I think it would be useful if instead of being told to choose a 4 digit pass code, be asked to choose a minimum of 4 digit PIN to unlock the app, as this would allow for more security. Alternatively, there could be a "medium" security level for the iPhone app with the option for a longer numeric, or alpha-numeric code, other than the master password, to be inputted when accessing entries within the unlocked app.

For me, it would not be an exaggeration to say my life is contained within this app/programme. Continuously entering the high security master password on my phone seems almost less secure as I am inevitably surrounded by prying eyes and it takes me so long to enter it.




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    Thanks very much for the input Shastrix! I'll note a +1 for this feature request.
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