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    @basset 1PW7 is a paid upgrade from 1PW6, but you can still buy a licence if you prefer it to a subscription. You can even download 1PW6 (towards the bottom of the Downloads page) though I would not recommend that for more than a short period of time.

    I moved to opvault so long ago that I can't recall the procedure, but I believe it is fairly easy.

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    So if I understand this correctly (and I am a 1 password user that got a license back in 2016) I cannot upgrade to 1Password7 without buying a subscription?

    @basset: Indeed, that's incorrect. As mentioned above, while a 1Password.com membership is the better option for most people since it includes everything, you could purchase a license for this specific version of 1Password separately instead. You can find pricing in the announcements detailing what's new:

    1Password 7 for Mac: The Best Ever

    1Password 7 for Windows: The Best Ever

    I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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    A long time user of 1 Password with a history of making recommendations to anyone asking I feel badly let down by your latest v7 development. I started using a new Windows 10 PC (my license was a standalone Windows) with a synchronized Chrome install. I didn't ask for it but ended up with the v7 Chrome Extension installed in Chrome ( no notification just a different interface).

    @ergoron: I'm sorry for the confusion. There is no "v7 extension". The 1Password desktop extensions are the same (currently at version 4.7.3) regardless of which 1Password desktop app you have. So the only way you'll get the version 7 interface in your browser is by installing 1Password for Windows version 7.

    I installed Dropbox and made the Agilekeychain vault available on selective sync and installed 1Password on the PC as I have done many times before. The install process required me to to update my vault to an Opvault - checked it out and saw that it was a newer better option and thought OK. Up to this point in the process there was no indication whatsover that I was actually processing an upgrade to v7 AND there would be a charge at the end. I completed the conversion and once the new vault finished synchronizing with Dropbox I could see all my data. Great!....or until I found myself in "Read Only" mode with an exhortation to pay for SAAS or a New Standalone License.

    There is no "charge at the end"; the app will simply be in read only mode unless you have a license for it. As you point out, that doesn't prevent you from accessing your data. And you would not have been offered an automatic update to that from 1Password 4, because it's a paid upgrade.

    Unfortunately this felt like an ambush. No warning that I was about to upgrade to a version that I would have to subsequently purchase. No warning that by following this process I would be locked in read only mode and that the other PCs, iphones and ipads I use would no longer have access to the data other than in read only mode.

    You don't have to purchase it. You could if you want to, or continue using whatever version you did pay for. I think that's fair. I'm sorry if you feel like you "ambushed" yourself by installing a version of 1Password that you hadn't paid for, but that's not something we can stop you from doing.

    This is NOT how to upgrade loyal customers, especially, as in my case, one that was considering switching to the Family Plan. 1Password is the custodian of our most important secrets. The issue of TRUST does not just extend to how you secure your infrastructure, platform and encryption; it should also extend to the way in which you look after and communicate with your customers.

    I agree. That's why that isn't something we do. The only people offered an upgrade to version 7 were those already using version 6, which was only available with a 1Password membership subscription. So those people would already be paying for it, and would not need to pay anything else. And since we heard from some people that they wanted to continue to use 1Password without a subscription, we put the time and effort into building support for licenses and local vaults into version 7. We do need to charge for it, otherwise it wouldn't be sustainable for us to continue to develop and support it.

    I cannot help feeling that in my case you have failed.

    I'm sorry you feel that way. But it just isn't something we could have prevented you from doing to yourself. I'll be happy to help you get 1Password setup the way you want though, so let me know the specifics of where you're getting stuck, and we'll get you sorted. :blush:

  • @brenty so I can use my current license that was obtained before 1P6 and upgrade to 1P7 and still sync all my devices via Dropbox? OR do I need to download the older 1P6 to do that. From everything else I see in this thread I can only use the older 1P6?

  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @basset, you're welcome to continue using your 1Password 6 license with 1Password 6 for as long as you want - you can download 1Password 6 from our downloads page under the "Using an older computer?" section. If you'd like to upgrade to 1Password 7, you can purchase a 1Password 7 license, or subscribe to a membership.

    Let us know if you have any more questions!

  • @brenty I'm sorry for the confusion. There is no "v7 extension". The 1Password desktop extensions are the same (currently at version 4.7.3) regardless of which 1Password desktop app you have. So the only way you'll get the version 7 interface in your browser is by installing 1Password for Windows version 7.
    Then something must have gone wrong. I was using a new Windows PC located at my parents. I simply synchronised my Chrome account and the 1Password Extension that appeared already had the new interface.
    I followed the support instructions as the "Helper" is required to get the extension to work. At no point was it made clear that the version I was installing was v7 and that there was an option to download a legacy version. Perhaps you guys should review your support documents and perhaps run some trials on your customers' support journeys to make sure this does not happen again.
    The reason I feel ambushed is that I ended up with a new format of vault on the end of a Read Only access under v7 just as I was migrating two smartphones. The process created a cascade of issues with only three options for progress.

    • Revert back to my earlier standalone version, and manually setting up the targeting to the vaults (no instructions or support visible for this path)
    • upgrade to V7 (straightforward)
    • upgrade and migrate to a family subscription.(migration straightforward, but training my family and uploading their data requires further work. This was my intention and is why I was just trying to us my existing setup until I had some quiet time to undertake this task.

    BTW: I undertook a quick bit of research on reviews comparing Dashlane and 1Password before all this. And to be honest the only criticism I could find was issues with the support provided by 1Password.....not the people @brenty, but the system.

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    1Password 7 would require either a subscription membeship (recommended) or a new license. It will not work with an existing license. Licenses are sold on a per-person, per-platform, and per-major version basis. For example, a 1Password 7 for Mac license allows one person to use 1Password for Mac on any number of their Macs. It does not include 1Password 8, 1Password for Windows, or 1Password for any other persons. Membership on the otherhand, which is a subscription service, includes access to all of the latest versions of 1Password for all of your compatible devices. With 1Password Families membership it includes access for you and up to 4 additional family members for the listed price. Additional family members can be added for a small additional fee.

    We are no longer advertising licenses. We make them available for purchase within the 1Password applicaations for folks who know that is what they want but new customers are being directed to memberships as that is the best way to use 1Password.

    I hope that helps clarify the situation.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I'm sorry we've made you feel that way. It certainly hasn't been our intention. Our goal is to produce and support the best password management solution available, and to have that solution appeal to a broad audience. In order to do that we have to offer licensing and subscription options that are sustainable. I'm not sure how you would've ended up with 1Password 7 without intending to install it... we don't install it as an automatic update except for subscription customers. Without having some idea of how that might've happened I'm not sure how I can best address your concerns. We'll keep an eye out for how someone might end up in a situation like that and if there are steps we can take to better handle those situations we will certainly do so. If you have specific suggestions as to how we can improve we're here to hear them.

    Thank you for the feedback.


  • I'll continue using my 1P6 password, but I think it is time to move on after all this. 1P served me well for several years with great features and I am thankful, but I will not be coerced into buying a subscription license to get newer features / updates. A competitor is selling a lifetime license for little more than one year of your subscription.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    I will not be coerced into buying a subscription license to get newer features / updates.

    No one is being "coerced" into membership. Standalone licenses are also available for 1Password 7 for Mac. Right now, during "launch special" pricing, they're $49.99, over 23% off the regular retail price of $64.99 they'll eventually be priced at. But you can certainly buy one and continue using 1Password just as you always have. There are a few features that are membership-only, but not because we're using them as coercion or enticement, but because they're literally not possible for us to implement with the limited, 3rd-party APIs of our other advanced sync methods (Dropbox, iCloud).

    A competitor is selling a lifetime license for little more than one year of your subscription.

    It's not my place to comment on other products that may be out there, but if, by "lifetime license" you meant: a license that can be used forever to license the version for which it was purchased, then that's also what 1Password licenses are. They never expire, and if you have a license, say, for 1Password 3 for Mac, you can use that forever -- to license version 3 of 1Password for Mac. What that hypothetical license for 1Password 3 for Mac doesn't give its owner is the ability to license any new, full-version upgrades of 1Password -- those require a new license for the new version, because they represent months or years work done since the time of that previous purchase. So if, by "lifetime license," you meant you found a developer who's offering free upgrades to all new future versions, forever, for the price of just over a year of 1password.com, then I'll admit to being mildly curious to know how a commercial software outfit plans to stay in business using that business model.

    However, in a marketplace where there are always many choices for the consumer and usually at least one freeware alternative among those choices, I guess I'm ultimately not that curious. 1Password supports well over a hundred employees currently, and from the very beginning, we've had a single revenue stream: direct sales of 1Password licenses (and, more recently, memberships) to our users. We've always tried very hard to price 1Password fairly - which means not only offering good value for money to our users but also pricing it sustainably, so that we can continue to pay those developers, designers, customer service folks, QA testers and others who've continued to make 1Password a leader in this space for more than a dozen years. And in fact, many of our users tell us that when it comes to their most important data that's stored in and secured by 1Password, they actually enjoy knowing that the price they pay for 1Password (whether via licenses or membership) means they're the customer and not the product. They like knowing their purchases represents our entire livelihood, and that we neither receive "alternate funding streams" from - nor do we have to answer to - any sort of deep-pocketed corporate parent or behind-the-scenes consortium of "angel investors" providing multiple rounds of VC money to keep us afloat, but whose interests may or may not coincide with those of our users.

    The people who founded this company - Dave and Sara Teare and Roustem Karimov, still work here beside us every day, to make 1Password best-in-class. And obviously, whether we're successful at that depends upon our ability to demonstrate the value of 1Password over much less expensive, subsidized (or even free) alternatives. We think we're doing pretty well on that metric, but obviously the answer to that question must be answered by each potential user for him/herself.

    But we're aware different people have different criteria for evaluating these things, and one thing I can say for sure is that in a crowded market that contains free alternatives, we'll never be the cheapest password manager -- mostly because that's never been our aim, but also because it's tough to beat "free" on the basis of pricing alone. :) So if cost is the primary - or even sole - determining factor for someone looking for a password manager, we're probably not the solution best suited for them.

    1P served me well for several years with great features and I am thankful...

    So are we, for having you as a customer all these years. I'm glad 1Password has served you well, and we'd love to continue offering you great features and unsurpassed security in the future as well, via a standalone license if you prefer. But as long as you're using something to keep you secure, we'll be happy. Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

  • @Lars I guess you just made it for me if it wasn't already. From what I read through your forums I'm not the only one that feels like this, but you are right ... you have to keep the lights on, it just won't be with my $49.99. Although you are not interested, the competitor is not a fly by night / freeware but one ranked consistently in the top 3 by several online reviews like PCMAG etc. Best of luck to you all!

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @basset - great! I'm glad you found something that works for your situation. :)

  • brentybrenty

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    There are several competitors which I won't name who offered their apps as a "lifetime" purchase, which have since been abandoned. I have one in particular in mind since I hear about it regularly because their customers still email us asking for help: it's dead, as far as I can tell: incompatible with recent OS releases, and there's no help to speak of for users who are essentially losing their important data as a result.

    I have paid for a lot of "lifetime" licenses over the years, and there is a single one left which I can still use. It was still a pretty good deal in some f the other cases, but I find that going into it with the understanding that eventually it won't be sustainable is crucial. I've made peace with the idea that I'll get a finite amount of value out of it until the runway ends, and then have to find an alternative to move to at that time. The first time a company shut down, I was bummed out and a bit surprised, honestly. But once I thought about it, of course a one-time payment isn't going to sustain years of ongoing work. So when I buy a "lifetime" license now, I factor that eventuality into the cost/benefit equation. Food for thought.

  • clayborgclayborg Junior Member

    I have been a long standing user of 1Password as well. I have bought it on all of my machines, I paid for it on iPhone, paid for a mac stand alone license (a while ago) and then I also got it on the App Store. I have my old vault on Dropbox and all of my devices sync to this older format. I wiped and reinstalled on a new machine and now I can't load my older vault because 1Password 7 now refuses to load my older format that was synced to the computer via Dropbox. If I download the stand alone version, I have to pay for it yet again (4th time is a charm) just to be able to load all of my legacy stuff? And if I do follow this route, I now need to go to all of my other devices and change them over to use the .opvault? And possibly upgrade those clients as well?

    This flow of people syncing to a shared folder like dropbox has to be well supported even on a new machine. That is the whole point of syncing the file to shared folders that all devices have access to.

    I guess I'll go back to 1Password 6 and live on that from here on out. It has been way too expensive already with many versions bought.

  • clayborgclayborg Junior Member

    I bought 1Password on the App Store back when the versions was less that 6 and it worked with my agilekeychain files in Dropbox. I would expect an app I purchased to keep working with my existing files. You guys updated to 1Password version 7 and that is what stopped my file to stop working. Did you replace the older version 6 with the newer version 7 without requiring a new purchase? Is the older version 6 still available to download via the App Store? If you are taking away functionality it really should keep working. Fine to rename the app and make people buy the new version, but you can't take away the older version and replace it with a newer version that doesn't work for people IMHO. That is just bad business.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @clayborg

    The options for moving forward are to purchase new 1Password 7 licenses or to upgrade to a 1Password membership. The latter would be my recommendation. We're no longer advertising licenses, but they are available for customers who are already familiar with that situation and are comfortable with the "DIY" approach they offer. I'd highly recommend taking a look at 1Password membership, which will give you access to the latest versions of 1Password for all of your compatible devices (no more separate upgrade fees). You can read about the benefits here:

    About 1Password membership

    If you decide to upgrade to membership instructions for that can be found here:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    It is possible to continue using the versions of 1Password you had purchased for as long as they work for you, but only 1Password 7 is being developed. We'd always recommend keeping up to date with the latest versions of all of your software, but especially 1Password, your operating system, and your web browser. Apple has instructions on downloading previously purchased apps from their store here:

    Redownload apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books from the App Store, iTunes Store, and Apple Books - Apple Support

    If you have questions about your specific case I'd recommend reaching out to our sales team at [email protected]. They'll be in the best position to help.



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