Install the 1Password extension in Chromium? [desktop version not supported; 1Password X will work]

I'm trying to migrate from Chrome to a Chromium build without Google's tracking code. Google seems to go to great lengths to prevent any browser which isn't running their tracking code from being able to download extensions from their "store", but I've figured out how to either download .crx files from the authors' web sites (the EFF is good about making these files available), or "pack" my existing extensions from Chrome so I can install them under Chromium.

I've done this with the 1Password extension, and it sorta works, except it can't connect to the desktop app. I can tell that it's talking to the app, i.e. when Chromium tries to connect the app pops up on the screen, but then something doesn't work and a few seconds later I get the "Couldn't connect to 1Password" message.

I'm guessing the problem is that the extension was "unofficially" copied from one browser to another, and there's some kind of integrity check which is failing because of it.

Is there a way to download a .crx file directly from 1Password and install it "officially", so it works? If not, are there any plans to make the Chrome extension work with Chromium?


  • Hello @jms1,

    There is no way to have the 1Password companion extension communicate with 1Password if used with the Chromium browser. 1Password includes a list of code signature details for known browsers and that list is hardcoded inside of 1Password. If the connecting browser doesn't match 1Password will refuse the connection. If you built Chromium from source it will not be signed and will fail. If somebody else built Chromium and signed it it will have been using a certificate not known to 1Password and will fail. It's a combination that just won't work I'm afraid. If you're after a non-Chrome browser that 1Password supports then one of the following might be a suitable alternative.

    • Safari (macOS only)
    • Edge (Windows only)
    • Firefox
    • Vivaldi
    • Opera
    • Brave

    Vivaldi, Opera and Brave are all based on the Chromium source and I'm unashamedly a Vivaldi fan. It's by the same people that brought us the original Opera and I was a fan of Opera back then as well. I'm hoping one of these may be a suitable alternative.

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