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Im new to 1password switching over from Bitwarden. I wanted something that would be a bit more polished and secure and am hoping 1password fits the bill.
I cannot seem to find one feature I felt would be normal in a password manager and was used all the time in Bitwarden.

For example:
1. Register an account on a company app. In this case Kijiji.The app is saved as linked app.
2. Go to sign in page on my mac
3. Click the 1password extension.
4. The site is not suggested
5. Search for Kijiji
6. Click it
7. Nothing

With Bitwarden even if there was no match it would fill the sign in form and ask if I wanted to save this to the list of site for that object.
Having to go to the password manager fill in the site as a field and then going back seems pretty clunky. Copying and pasting does as well.

Please tell me there is an option to "fill" not just try and "go and fill"

Thank you.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Firefox (latest)
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: .com


  • I found my answer, 1password does not support this by design to prevent phishing. I get it but would appreciate if it would warn me instead of not doing it.

  • Hi @RyanE,

    Where was the item created? If it was on an iOS device I would have hoped that rather than creating an association with an app that the app would have supplied a domain and 1Password for iOS would have used that. I believe things are a bit different on Android though and I haven't tried creating an item there yet to know the entire workflow and any potential gotchas.

    This scenario sounds like a place where we could be doing better but I'd like to reproduce before filing a report so we know exactly what is happening. You've mentioned Kijiji and it looks like I should be able to create an account so that's good, beyond learning what platform, iOS or Android, if there are any details you think will be useful in replicating the Login item please let me know and I'll look into it.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables ,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Happy to provide more information.

    I had the same situation with another app and have documented the reproduction steps. Please note I have account and am using the latest stable version available (only installed from the sources 3 days ago).

    1. Download Pocket to my Android Pixel 2 (latest android).
    2. Open the Pocket app and click register.
    3. Type in my email and then click the password field.
    4. 1password prompts me to select a password (which i dont have). Here i would expect to be able to add a new one.
    5. Switch to the 1password app. I expected i could just generate a password and copy to the Pocket app.
    6. I create a login in one password just to be able to generate a password.
    7. Switch to the Pocket app, and get the 1password prompt again.
    8. Select the "Login" object.
    9. It fills the password and links the pocket app to my "login" object
    10. Later, go to and then click login.
    11. Select the browser extension(firefox latest, latest plugin that is not X and on windows 10).
    12. search for what the object "login" and double click
    13. Nothing happens. It does not fill the form.
    14. Copy password from extension
    15. type email into form
    16. 1password asks me to save this to 1password.

    There are multiple things I find in this workflow that should have gone smoother:

    1. 1password should let me create a login from Pocket. When i scroll though my existing passwords there should have been a "new" which named the new object "Pocket" it should have generated a password, asked for my confirmation and then entered it in the app.
    2. If 1 is not possible then, 1password should just have a password generator tab in its app. I switch to 1 password grab a new password, I put it in pocket and then 1password saves it all to a new object called pocket.
    3. When I go to my browser I should be able to select a login in my extension and have it fill the form on my browser. I enter the form and then 1password should link it to the object i just used to enter the form with. if this is to prevent phishing then offer a warning rather than not supporting at all.

    Overall I feel like the current solution (if i am doing this correctly) expects a lot of maintenance out of me. I want 1password to intergrate into my workflow instead of expecting me to have my workflow integrate into 1password.

    I shouldn't have to go create a new object to register, I shouldn't have to name objects and I shouldn't have to go enter a url in an object before i can use it to fill a form.

    Thank you.

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables

    Team Member
    edited February 2019

    Hi @RyanE,

    That's some great detail, thank you. I'm confident I'll be able to reproduce and then I can ask some of my colleagues what might be done better here. Some of it could very easily depend on what Android does and doesn't facilitate. I know with iOS apps that if they support our iOS extension they can supply a URL during the Login creation and I suspect something similar with iOS 12's AutoFill based on associated domains with apps. While I don't know if Android has anything similar or better I'm sure the developers will be able to tell me.

    ref: android-36

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