How can I get notified when someone joins my team and needs confirmation?

We send the secret invite link to new employees when they join. I need to know when they have activated their 1Password account so I can log in to confirm them. How can I get some sort of notification without having to log in every hour to check?

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    Hi @DrErnie! Welcome to our discussion forums :chuffed:

    You'll be pleased to know that just a few days ago, we opened up our Slack integration to all Teams customers! With our Slack integration, you can get real-time notifications about new team members, pending account recovery confirmations and more. You can learn more about this feature here:

    You'll need Slack set up for your organisation first, and you'll need to set up some Slack incoming webhooks (we support two webhooks, one for alerts about pending confirmations and recoveries, and one for notifications about travel-mode changes and account sign-ins). Then any member of the Owners group in your Teams account can set up Slack integration by signing into the web interface for your account, clicking on "Settings" in the sidebar, click on "Slack" at the top of the settings page, and then enter your Slack webhook URLs in the provided fields.

    I hope that helps! :+1:

  • Awesome, I will check it out!

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  • Hi, could you please add support for general webhooks. We use Microsoft Teams and I would like to get Alerts and Notifications there, but the webhooks from Teams are not accepted in 1password for Teams.

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    It's something we can consider. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

  • Any update on the general web hooks suggestion? I would find this feature very helpful.

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    Nothing to announce at this time, but it is helpful to know that the level of interest in such a feature.

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