No WiFi sync while 1Password is running?

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I'm new to 1Password for both OS X and iOS (using Pro version on iPod Touch). Strangely, it seems that WiFi sync only runs when the iOS app is launched. If it's running in the background (or even the foreground) and a change is made to the OS X database, that change doesn't get synced until the iOS app is first closed and relaunched.

There's also no icon to trigger a manual sync. Could these simple changes be implemented in the next update? (Or, am I missing something in the setup?)


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    You can trigger a manual sync at any time from 1Password for Mac.20110915-t93xe4n5kn2iat8pgwu476t4ay.png
    I will suggest to the developers to add a similar button to the iOS app.
  • My screen looks exactly as shown above, but when I click "sync now" nothing seems to happen and the 1Password screen on my iMac says "wifi status - available" and "iPad" shown connected. Program open on my iPad. Please help!!!
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    If you are interested in automatic sync regardless of whether 1Password is running please see this help guide for more details:
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