login fields only filled on second attempt

I have an issue logging in to my EA SaaS portal at When I select the appropriate password entry, the username box flashes briefly, but no information is entered. If I do this a second time, things work as expected.

This usually only happens when I first visit the page within a browser window. If I log out then in again, I don't have a problem. If I close the window and start again though, the problem returns.

For completeness: there is also a log in at that works as expected.

I would be happy to know what the issue is, as I can then talk to the people at Ardoq about the problem as well.

1Password Version: 7.3.657
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299
Sync Type: 1password
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  • Greetings @willharris,

    I'm going to list three ways in which you could use 1Password to fill and I wonder which you prefer to use and if you choose a different one whether you find things work better. I think I've reproduced what you've found but I'd like to make sure by checking various behaviours against what you see. So the three methods I'm thinking of are:

    1. You manually load in the browser and then use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + \ to fill.
    2. You manually load in the browser and then click the 1Password button in the browser toolbar to access the helper menu. From there you click on the desired Login item that matches.
    3. You click the 1Password button in the browser toolbar to access the helper menu. You then search for your ES SaaS Login item and select it to initiate open-and-fill.

    Now I'm thinking you normally use 2 where you click the button to fill so I'm wondering if you find things work more reliably with the keyboard shortcut for example. I'm not sure what is going on and I couldn't reproduce on my Mac, it wasn't until I loaded up a Windows VM and tested there that I could recreate. First I just want to see if we see the same behaviour and differences depending on the fill path taken.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables I mostly use option 1 with the keyboard, but I just tested with option 2 and the behaviour is the same. I'll check later on on my Mac, haven't checked that yet....

  • Hello @willharris,

    Can I ask what browser or browsers you use with 1Password on either Windows or the Mac. Maybe somehow the browser is a factor which I didn't account for. I do hope your observations on your Mac will match mine so that we're seeing just a little consistency and that we can focus on the Windows side.

  • @littlebobbytables My experience is the same as yours - on my Mac at home everything works properly. So it seems the problem is only on Windows. I generally use Chrome, but the problem is also present when using Firefox on Windows.

  • Hello @willharris,

    It's puzzling. I've tested both the stable and beta versions of 1Password with Firefox and Chrome. I even went as far as to purge both browsers entirely in terms of cache, history etc. So far though I've been oddly unable to reproduce the behaviour you've described and I can't think what factor I'm failing to take into account. This time round I only tested approach 1 given that's where you've been observing it from your normal day-to-day usage.

    Your Login item for this site, does it have any website fields beyond one for

  • Hi @littlebobbytables

    So you can no longer recreate on your Windows VM as you mentioned in your first reply? Very puzzling!

    When I click "Show web form details" I get three fields:

    • password
    • confirm
    • email
  • @littlebobbytables Okay, some further information... and I think we can close this ticket as I don't think the problem is with 1password.

    If I open and fill in my email address, then switch away to any other window, and then back to the Ardoq window, the entry in the email field gets erased. If I do this a second time, the email stays. This happens on both Windows and Mac, but perhaps the ctrl-alt-\ on Windows triggers the window switching in a way that cmd-\ doesn't on the Mac?

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Thanks for the update, @willharris.

    I see exactly what you mean and was able to reproduce it here on my Mac. It seems they are watching for when their window gets focus and then clear the fields. I'm not sure why they would do that. What's even more surprising to me is they do this once and only once. If you reload the page, switch windows, and then come back and fill in your username and password, subsequent window focus events will not cause the fields to be cleared.

    There is a bit of black magic for ensuring window focus isn't lost as technically the 1Password mini window is a separate process so I'm not surprised that there's some differences between how macOS and Windows handle things.

    At this point there's really not much we can do to fix this but I do have one suggestion that would make this a bit easier: when filling with our new extension 1Password X, the popup window is part of Chrome and so focus is not lost. As such I was able to fill without the page reloading. Unfortunately the inline menu has the same issue as you reported as we use an iframe to show the menu and that causes the focus to change. The good news is the inline menu reappears quickly and you're able to fill a second time and things work from there.

    Anyway, that's a most curious website. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


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