version 7.2.5 will not download properly

I have a Mac using version 10.14.3. Today, a popup appeared telling me a new 1Password version was available. I downloaded the new version. All appeared just fine until I tried to open a web site and it did nothing. On my dock I have now have an additional 1Password circle with a arrow pointing downward (updater). It tells me Update Failed. Version currently showing is 7.2.5. however will not open web sites so must not loaded correctly??

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  • Corey_CCorey_C

    Team Member

    Hi there @Garybo
    That icon in your Dock is likely in the Recent Applications section. What you are doing is trying to run the updater as a separate program, which won't work. The way to run the updater in 1Password is by opening 1Password and going to 1Password>Check for Updates in the menu bar.

    If something went strange with your update, you can always grab the most recent version from and install from there.

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