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I'm having a problem with 1password x in Firefox and Chrome on Win 10. When the vault is locked and I tried to type in my password, the focus of the typing seems to switch back to the browser window causing my typing to be interpreted as key commands and seems to screw things up. Any idea what may be causing this?

1Password Version: 7.3.657
Extension Version: 1.14.1
OS Version: Win 10
Sync Type: cloud


  • Hello @anothergene,

    So you kindly supplied two version numbers for us, one for 1Password 7 for Windows and another for 1Password X. Initially 1Password X was designed to add support to platforms where we didn't have a native client e.g. ChromeOS and Linux. For this reason the 1Password X extension is a standalone extension, it doesn't require the native application and is a 1Password client in its own right. I say all of that because we need to determine if you're seeing this issue when you're trying to unlock 1Password X or unlock 1Password 7 for Windows. Each has its own unlock window and lock state so one can be unlocked while the other is locked. It may not be easy to know which it is so you mind find it easiest to show us instead. The site How to take a screenshot can help with how to create a screenshot and you can attach an image to your reply in the forum either by drag and drop or the Attach image button in the formatting bar (it's the last icon).

  • Hello @anothergene,

    To make it easier, here are the two unlocks screens and you can just say which one you're seeing the issue with rather than creating a screenshot. I should have thought of that earlier.

    1Password 7 For Windows

    1Password X

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