Saving Software Keys

Is there a good place on 1Password to store software keys from other pieces of software?

I'd like to be able to have something like a login where you can save the key, the website it came from, a user name (if needed) and things like that.

I realize these don't need to be super-secure, it would just be nice to have them all in one place!


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  • I use the software licenses category for most of these (agree with the "they don't need to be super secure" comment). And if I need to I upload the license file and then link it to the license and vice-versa. The software license category works really well for. I think login items only do logins, but you can link those as well to the license and vice-versa....

  • Thanks!!!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    While software licenses may not necessarily always need to be secure, we just get that "for free" by storing them in 1Password. Certainly I don't use 1Password for all the digital stuff I need to keep track of, but it's a good lot of it because it's easier to only have to look in one place when my memory fails me. :)

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