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I have a problem similar to this. I have installed 1password on my iphone. I have my keychain in Dropbox. I can get into the 4 digit password but when I enter the master password that I use on my computer on the iphone it fails my password. this is inconvenient as I travel a lot and would like to use my iphone to look up passwords versus booting my computer.

I tried to find a place where I just email someone at Agile but you have studiously hidden any ability just to mail someone. I can't find anyone who has my problem. BTW I am also having a difficult time figuring out even how to create my own subject line in your forums, which is why I am posting under this person's post.


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    Hi Hiker8404, welcome to the forums!

    I moved your post out of the other one as it was not related to your issue.

    When you set up 1Password on the iPhone for the first time, did you sync with your computer first or did you create a new data file and then sync with your computer?

    The reason I'm asking is because you can have a different master password for each device and they are not always synced between your computers and our iOS devices. For an example, if you created a data file on the iPhone first; you'd be asked to create a new 4-digit PIN and a new master password. This is the master password you use to unlock your high security items and not the one from your computer, even if you synced it.

    If you do not remember the master password, you'll need to reset master password on the iPhone and then re-sync with your computer as resetting the master password on the iPhone will remove the data encrypted with that password.

    If you can, please perform a backup of your iPhone . Make sure you're using the latest version of 1Password on your iOS device and then navigate to More > Settings > Security and tap Reset Master Password. Note that any entries that were previously protected by the master password will be permanently lost.

    If you reset the password, there are a few ways to retrieve your data after the reset:

    * If you've been using Dropbox to sync your data with 1Password for Mac or Windows, just set up Dropbox syncing again, and your data will start syncing to your iPhone automatically. Please see this guide for instructions:

    * If you've previously sync'ed your 1Password data with 1Password for Mac using Wi-Fi, you can easily restore your data during the next Wi-Fi sync:

    * If you've used the built-in "backup and restore" feature to save a backup copy of your 1Password data, you can use it again to restore that saved backup file. You can read more about our backup and restore option here:

    I hope that helps.

    As for creating a topic, you can do so from the main forum area, there's a button called "Start New Topic" on top of the page.
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