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Please review the use case. When I am on my laptop and started working, it is reasonable to ask to unlock 1Password. But it is torture to ask it to unlock for every browser, desktop app. I am sure this is not intended and I am missing something for sure. Please help to resolve this.


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  • Hi @abhijit, it sounds like perhaps you're using 1Password X and also 1Password for Windows here.
    1Password X is a standalone application for Chrome, which locks/unlocks independently of the desktop app. If you're not using 1Password X and the browser extension is not being unlocked when you're unlocking the desktop app (or vise versa) then I would request you provide us with a Diagnostic Report via email to allow us investigate this further, as that behaviour is not how it's intended and we can take a better look.

    Regarding 1Password X. We are doing some beta testing for desktop app integration between 1Password X and our Mac Desktop app to reduce the gap between these two apps including being able to unlock both apps by unlocking either of them, but this is only something we're testing for Mac right now and when we are able, Windows will be get to join in on the fun. (Just getting the bumpy road smoothed out first while we concentrate on other needed development for our Windows app)

  • Great to know that we are on a way to "Unlock One Unlock All" pathway. If allowed by user this should even extend to mobile devices too. So if I unlocked my wallet on iPhone it should be unlocked on my laptop too and vise a versa. Thoughts?


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    Certainly something that would be convenient, @Abhijit, but I think technically impractical. Unlocking is a totally local process. You're not "signing in" the way you might to this forum, for example. Instead, you're giving 1Password the key it needs to decrypt your data and transform it from garbled nonsense into your passwords. This is the key to the kingdom, so to speak, so sending it without careful consideration for its security is a Really Bad Idea. We don't even send your Master Password to our servers – it's that important to keep it secret. Rather than having to send that key from your PC to your phone, it's better to avoid transmitting that Master Password and provide some speedier ways to unlock. That, we do already – you can unlock your mobile devices with Touch ID, Face ID, or fingerprint unlocking on Android. If you want to ensure you're able to access things quickly and easily on mobile, I'd suggest one of those options instead. :chuffed:

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