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I have invited my family member. I have put all the right logins in the shared vault. The problem is figuring out how to log her into 1password on her phone without giving her access to my entire vault. It keeps asking for the main password, and then she has full access. What am I doing wrong? I can find zero guidance on how to get the family member signed in AFTER everything has been shared and invited.

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  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Hi @pjv1009! Welcome to the forum! ;)

    After you sent the invitation to your family member, has she accepted the invitation? And have you subsequently confirmed her account from your admin interface? From what you wrote, it sounds like your family member might be logging in to 1Password using your credentials. This would explain why she is seeing everything, if you are also able to see everything.

    After inviting her to your account, you will receive an email confirmation when she has created her own account. In the process, she will get her own Secret Key and Master Password. Once she has created it and you have confirmed it, can you please make sure she is logging in using her credentials?

    By doing this, she will only see items that you have shared with her, but not everything else in your Private vault.

    I hope this helps!

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