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I know I'm letting my OCD get out a little bit, so please bear with me. Also, I'm sorry for posting it in the lounge, but the issue seems to be cross-platform so I didn't know where else to put it.

Firstly, I have a account. But my applications are loaded with Americanisms. Most visible is the Social Security Number category, which should be called "Social Insurance Number" in a Canadian account. Furthermore, the rich icon for the social insurance number is stars-and-stripes themed. And the glyph for the category is a smaller, B&W version of the same icon.

Given the strong anti-foreigner sentiment running rampant under the current U.S. administration, I find being forced to use Americanisms rather off-putting. It smacks of ego.

I know I can manually change the name of the record and its rich icon. I shouldn't have to, but I can. But I am unable to locate any place to correct the mislabeled category name and glyph in any of the Windows, IOS, or the Web GUI applications.

Is everyone in world forced to use Americanisms... and expected to "just deal with it"? Or am I missing a setting somewhere? I hope it's the latter because whenever I see it, it gets my back up a little higher.

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    Hi @gordcook,

    Also, I'm sorry for posting it in the lounge, but the issue seems to be cross-platform so I didn't know where else to put it.

    No worries. You're in the right spot.

    But my applications are loaded with Americanisms.

    Indeed. Hopefully that is something we can improve upon in the future. Though we are a Canadian company the last I heard the majority of our customer base was American (by a long shot). As such when we designed the categories some of them were designed with Americans in mind. We're becoming a more widely used solution globally though, and there has been a recent focus on localization. We now offer 1Password in a number of different languages as well as billing in various currencies. I would imagine the next logical step in that would be to not only translate the text, but also make things more locally relevant.

    I don't have more info than that at the moment unfortunately, but thank you for raising this point.


  • Ah. I was hoping I was missing a setting somewhere. Oh well.

    I've updated the record with a Canadian flag rich icon and changed the name. When I look at the category name and its glyph, I will just have to remind myself that the important thing is that my data is being hosted on Canadian soil and the rest is simply cosmetic.

    Thanks @Ben!

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    You're very welcome.


  • Canadian flag rich custom icon. :blush:

  • BenBen AWS Team

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