Thanks for maintaining local vault support

I've been a 1Password user for a few years now, and a change in my personal password management requirements has compelled me to post some positive feedback. I'm posting in the lounge because this is ultimately a general topic, although both the Mac client and Memberships play in.

I came over to 1Password from KeePass (sync'd via a cloud file storage platform). I was generally happy with KeePass for years due to its decent Windows client, good reputation, and flexible single-file storage model. Part of the reason I made the switch was for a better Mac client, but the killer feature was really Teams/Families accounts -- between easy syncing, good cross-platform apps (my account has installs of all four major OS clients), and the ability to share vaults between members I was finally able to get my family actively using a password manager (and MUCH better passwords) rather than just grudgingly using one from time to time. I'm a big fan of the 1Password account model due to its functionality and ease of use, and I was willing to switch to a dedicated cloud-hosted password manager largely because of the published security whitepaper as well as AgileBits reputation for quality and customer service.

I recently started a new job, where policies allow password manager use but prohibit storage of work credentials outside of company managed infrastructure. Since local vaults are still supported, I'm able to continue to use 1Password with a local vault for work credentials. If I'd moved to a password manager without local vault support, I'd be stuck having to pick a separate tool for work and run two different password managers.

So, thanks for the continued support for local vaults!

I know there's been some customer confusion over the last few years with the clear emphasis from the company pointing toward accounts, but with a tool as central to security and productivity as a password manager, I'm really glad that you've continued to give us options in how we sync and where our data is stored. I truly think that supporting both the managed and local storage options is an important aspect of your competitive advantage over the various other credible options out there at this point.

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    Likewise, thanks for your support! I'm glad that you find it useful. We love building 1Password, but it would be considerably less fun if no one used it. :chuffed:

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