Activity log shows 'create vault' item when a users authorizes a vault. Is that new?

As of 3/4/2019, when a users authorizes a device the activity log shows an item after that saying the user created a vault. In older entries it does not show that. We ended up grilling (not really, but I wanted to just for the fun of it) a new employee about how he was able to create a new vault, since he does not have permissions to create vaults in our business account. Can anyone tell me if they are seeing the same thing or if this is a change in the activity log?


Bill D.

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  • MeekMeek

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    Hey @bdumbacher,

    I'm really sorry for the confusion this caused! Every team member gets their own Private vault, and they are the ones that (automatically) create this vault when signing in.

    Additionally, if they use the 1Password X browser extension, a special hidden vault is created for them that stores the password generator history. This also will show up as a Create Vault entry in the activity log.

    I can definitely see how that is confusing when your team members don't have the ability to create vaults on their own, and arguably these automated, under-the-hood vault creations probably shouldn't show up in the activity log - or at least should have a different activity log entry to say that they were automatically created.

    Thanks for the feedback on this!

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