Don't see "Sync" area in settings, can't add my dropbox sync.

I want to add my dropbox sync on a new machine. Yes, I already read that statement in another thread: "there is no need..". But I WANT it.

It obviously works when setting up 1Password 7 without an 1Password account first. It seems not to work, when I setup the 1Password account first, then trying to add the dropbox sync service (on a Mac). The app obviously tries to "guide" the user by just removing the sync setting area. This is disgusting. Please give the user the control back. Is anybody aware of a workaround without re-installing the whole thing or cancel the subscription?


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  • Here:
    is described, how to setup sync with dropbox. Except it does not show the Sync settings, when a 1Password account is already setup. This is not consistent, and I don't see any reason for it - if not a strange understanding of marketing.

  • Finally found the extended setting for "local vaults". It is a bit misleading and I see no reason for hiding the sync area in the first place. Plus: there is no hint in the help page above on how to do it. Bad style.

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    Hi @fbutter

    I’m glad to hear you were able to get this figured out. The reason we don’t show the sync tab when you’re signed into a membership is that membership vaults cannot sync via 3rd party services like Dropbox or iCloud. As such displaying this tab when it isn’t relevant to the context in which the app is running would almost certainly cause more confusion, not less. Likewise the vast majority of customers are using either a membership or standalone vault(s), not both, and again intermixing these concepts in our documentation would seemingly only amplify confusion for most, not reduce it.


  • fbutterfbutter
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    Thanks for your answer, Ben.
    Honestly, I don't quite understand the concept of a "membership vault".
    I have vaults that are sync'ed via Dropbox and other vaults that are sync'ed via I need an account for both, in case I want to use it. For existing users with traditional 3rd party sync, it is completely normal - not confusing - to attach the vault they are using for many years now, on two or more devices. Hiding this option is confusing for these people.

    There might be even good reasons to keep a vault completely local. This could be personal preference or even demanded by law.

    I cannot see how a sentence in the docs like "in case you want to attach an existing vault from Dropbox, please follow these steps..." could cause any confusion. In fact, you did exactly that in previous versions: the vault could be local, or optional sync'ed.
    The question could even be part of the installation of the new version, allowing existing users a smooth migration instead of leading to a troublesome experience. What I found really strange was that when another user asked this question, he got the answer, that 'there would be no need for 3rd party sync anymore' instead of simply pointing him to the option hidden under extra settings. It leaves the suspicion, that in order to draw people to your own sync service, you sacrifice a smooth user experience for existing users migrating to the subscription.

    I don't have time to go deeper into that, sorry. You could either listen to your customers (I was obviously not the only one), or leave it. Maybe you remember, that we pay regularly for the software and service...

    Best regards,

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    What is the purpose of the Dropbox synced vault at this point? Why is it not on As you say — you’re paying for that service; why not use it?

    The confusion comes in because of the fact that each standalone (“local”) vault has its own Master Password, and whichever standalone vault is added to the app first will become the “Primary” vault. That vault’s password is what will unlock 1Password, but that isn’t necessarily the password for any memberships. At that point using the app to change the Master Password will change only the Master Password for the Primary vault (not the membership) and using the website to change the Master Password will not change the password used to unlock the 1Password app.

    In short: It isn’t a setup we recommend.

    I’m not aware of any law anywhere that would allow you to store your data with Dropbox but not with 1Password. Preference is one thing, particularly if it is rooted in good reason. Unfortunately we simply can’t accomidate all of the various preferences of the millions of 1Password customers, especially when you consider that many are contradictory. The goal of our documentation is to point people down the best possible path to a smooth experience with 1Password. Mixing Dropbox vaults and 1Password membeship isn’t that.


  • Still: bad style to break an option that worked before for long-term users in this way.

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I'm not sure I follow. What do you feel we've 'broken'?


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