Launching of Password Protected iPhone Apps?

I'm curious about the ability to directly launch (and fill in user name and password) applications from 1Password. For example, my brokerage has an iPhone app that provides good functionality that is not available by logging in to their mobile website. Is there functionality for 1Password to start another iPhone application?


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    Hi treeskier, welcome to the forums!

    It is not technically possible for 1Password to do this due to a security lockdown by Apple. Each app is sandboxed on the iOS platform, they're prevented from going outside of their sandbox and this means they can't see or touch another app. So, 1Password can't open an app directly from within and it can't fill into any apps as well. This is why we have our own browser built-in to support the auto-fill feature and not in Mobile Safari instead.

    Some apps can be opened directly from Safari via a special URL handler like "1p://" for 1Password but that requires each app to support it and it has to be registered with iOS. There's no specific database that'll list all of this for 1Password to use. Since we can't see which apps are installed, we can't be sure how to open those apps either.
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