Lost 1password app

I deleted the app on my iphone. Not sure if I backed it up on the computer...NO clue?? I am unable to connect to a wifi to try and retrieve a backup off the iphone (if it is even there). Now what? Any suggestions? I'm lost without all my passwords. :-(


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    Hi Klopez, welcome to the forums!

    I'm sorry to hear what happened. Once you delete an app, its data is gone as well.

    If you have been syncing the data on your device with either Dropbox or Wi-Fi with 1Password on your computer, then you should be able to recover your data by just re-syncing. The details of how to do that depend on what sync mechanism you have been using. Simply re-initiate the sync mechanism that you were previously using. The Wi-Fi sync will not work if you created a backup file using 1Password on your iPhone.

    If you haven't been syncing but you have made a backup using the Backup and Restore process available in 1Password on mobile devices, then going through the restore procedures will allow you to restore from your last back up. Tap Settings > Data > Backup and Restore in 1Password on your device. The file you want to search for has an extension of "*.1ptbackup", please search for that on your computer.

    If neither of those two options is available to you, then there is a possibility that you can recover your data from a backup made by iTunes. It is important that you read the instructions below *before* you sync your device with iTunes again. (Your next iTunes sync would remove the backup that you need.)

    For the details of these methods and, in particular, important instructions about the iTunes backup, which you need to read *before* taking any further action, please see the following document:


    I hope you get your data back.
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