HELP! I seem to have both AND 1Password loaded on Mac

Cannot figure out how to straighten this out, your website didn't recognize me and now my password is too long to be recognized on my iPad and iPhone app. What the heck?????

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  • My 1Password "Emergency Kit" has a very long password associated with it, and it works when I enter it in one of the two accounts
    but that same password does not work on the 1Password app I appear to have loaded on my iPad and iPhone. How do I straighten out this mess? Which version do I need to trash?

  • And once we figure that out, how can I sh**can the app from my iPhone and iPad and start again so all three are in sync - iMac, iPhone, iPad?

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    @mightyvinyl - sorry for the confusion! If you've got 1Password 4 for Mac, you should definitely remove that (presuming there isn't any data in it that's NOT already saved in other 1Password instances). 1Password 4 for Mac is very old now, and should not be running anywhere except if you have a computer that's of the same vintage, running Mavericks or Mountain Lion.

    If you've got an Emergency Kit, that sounds like you subscribed to a account. Check to make sure you're able to sign into your account in a browser at, and if you can, and your account vault(s) there contain what you would consider a complete and up-to-date copy of your data, then that's all you need; on your iPad or iPhone, what you likely have is an older, standalone Primary vault, which may have whatever Master Password you were previously using before you created a account. If you can remember it, enter that and make sure there isn't any data you need there that isn't already in your account. If you can't remember it, just delete the entire 1Password for iOS app, then re-download it from the App Store, and on first-run, sign in using your Emergency Kit from your account, and you should be all set to go.

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