Login fill only works partially for Citizen Cards login

Hey :chuffed:

I know you are quite stressed right now, because of all these new users on the new platform (which should actually be great to have more :D )

But, I have found a login which doesn't work like the most other ones:
The problem there is that the "username" is not a input-tag-field with the type username, instead it uses the type "tel"

To explain this a little bit more, the Austrian government provides two types of digital authentification, the first is with the dedicated Citizen Card (which needs an extra device for the PC) and the Mobile Phone Signature.
What I'm using is the latter one, and so it also makes sense that the username-field uses the tel type.

This just brings up the problem that it doesn't want to fill the field, because it doesn't recognize it as the username.
So, is there somehow a way to say 1P to use the tel field? (I also have the 1P4 application up to now so I can alter the real webform details)

There is also an testpage for this, if you want to visit it youself: https://www.buergerkarte.at/demo-login.html

Thanks, for all your great hard work :chuffed:

1Password Version: 7.3.661
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 1809 17763.316
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Hi there @lumarel!

    There's not a lot of stress here, we love what we do. :smile: Thanks for such a detailed report, and for your kind words. I've taken a look at the test page you provided, and I wasn't even able to get any of the fields to fill properly. :( Before I file a bug report for us to look into, would you mind giving me a real page that uses this type of authentication? I'd love to check if there are any differences between the test page and the implementation.

  • lumarellumarel
    edited March 2019

    Hey @ag_sebastian,

    You're welcome :chuffed: It's always a great experience writting with you (your other teammembers) ;)
    Okay then I will provide you some more pages which use the Citizen Card/Mobile Phone Signature login:
    The first one is Citizen Finance Service https://finanzonline.bmf.gv.at

    You will have to click on the "Handy"-button to get forwarded to the dedicated page :+1:
    Next there is also a settings login for the Mobile Phone Signature itself https://handy-signatur.at

    You can trigger the login as described in the two pictures :+1:
    And the final one I'm using is the social insurance page, for this I have a direct link: https://sso.sozialversicherung.at/IBSYS_WEB_SSO/login?TARGET=https%3A%2F%2Fmeinesv.at%2FMeineSVGemeinsamesPortal%2F&LO=1

    For me it looks like this is an api (or something like that, a provided snipped, whatever) which has to be used by the developers, all these pages load some files from https://handy-signatur.at
    For example the social insurance website:

    I hope these websites help :chuffed:
    (and sorry for the pages in german, the Austrian government isn't quite there to support english pages :unamused: )

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Thanks so much for the additional details, @lumarel.

    Good news; I was able to make the filling work an all of the above sites. :)

    Here's what I'd like to suggest:

    1. Go to https://finanzonline.bmf.gv.at/
    2. Click Handy.
    3. When you get to the login page, save the login manually.
    4. If you reload the page, you should be able to fill both fields normally.
    5. https://www.handy-signatur.at/ should work with the same login.

    The last site is slightly different. In 1Password, find the Handy Login item you created in step 3, and click Edit. Next, add https://sso.sozialversicherung.at/IBSYS_WEB_SSO/login?TARGET=https://www.meinesv.at/MeineSVGemeinsamesPortal/&LO=1 in the additional website field. There's a possibility you might have to add more website fields for other sites if 1Password doesn't suggest your Handy login item. Here's what my login item looks like when everything is working.

    Give it a try and let me know how it goes. :smile:

  • Hey @ag_sebastian :chuffed:

    Thank you for that awesome explenation!
    That helped and I also found where the problem was, the required web-form name for the username is 'handynummer' which is not the type-property instead it's the name or id property :+1:
    So I opened 1P4 and edited the old item so the linked username property matches the name:

    With this step I also don't loose the password history.

    So if you don't want to create a new login if the site changes its form to other fieldnames, it's definitely needed to edit the web-form details ;)
    This is already possible for the values, but I would like to have that as well again for the property names :chuffed:
    (So if the time is there)

    BTW I always add all used websites, even if it is not needed, just to be able to open the pages through 1Password :+1:

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Thanks so much for the good news, @lumarel! :smile:

    I share your sentiment about being able to edit web form details. Even though I can't share much at this point, we're working on something that should make the whole process of making 1Password fill odd cases much easier. There's no ETA, but we are investing time and effort into this. :smile:

  • Ah, no problem it's actually really great to hear it's on the list ;)
    Some months ago it was not able to get it on there, so it doesn't matter when, just to know sometime in the future is good enough :chuffed:

    Thank you!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    To be clear, we're working on improving filling. I think that's a better option than users needing to manually edit stuff, which is not very discoverable and doesn't scale at all. :)

  • Okay thanks for the clarification :+1:
    Maybe I will survive until the moment where it will be implemented, even if you want that ;)

    But that's always great to hear!

    Until the moment it works better I will always have 1P4 as an fallback, maybe some time in the future it's to to consider an subscription, where this isn't possible anymore, but yeah.. it's to critical for me up to now and I'm living with the standalone license really great :chuffed:

  • lumarellumarel
    edited March 2019

    Oh I remembered another page where I needed the edit, or it was one of the two options (delete and recreate and edit)
    The crunchyroll login doesn't work if the login item is created with the account creation task :+1: (it has the creation and login on the same page and fills then the wrong username field)

  • ag_sebastianag_sebastian 1Password Alumni

    Thanks for the additional report, @lumarel!

    Good news is that filling Crunchyroll works properly with 1Password X, an extension which has the latest filling improvements and has the ability to focus on a single form instead of looking at the whole page. Seems we're on the right track. :smile:

    Having said that, 1Password X does require you to have a 1Password account, so editing web form details might be your best bet for now.

  • You're welcome @ag_sebastian :+1:

    That are really good news, maybe they also get to 1Pextension/1P7.4 or so :chuffed:
    It only happens in really rare conditions that I need to change something so I can wait :+1:

    (and yeah I know, but it is good enough to know that there is an improvement which might get to the "local" application in the near future :chuffed: )

    Thanks for all!

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    There are some difference there, but we're working to bring the new filling engine to all of the apps. Cheers! :)

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