How to find out the owner of a 1Password account

A former employee set up our 1Password account and we can't get ahold of him to find out if he is still the owner or if he transferred ownership to someone else. How do we find out who the current owner of our account is? Thank you

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    Welcome to the forum, @ahollister! I'm sorry for the trouble. If you've got a 1Password Business account at your workplace, the person who originally set it up is the Owner and Administrator (as well as sole team member) initially. That person would then be responsible for inviting other team members, but they can also designate any other team member as either an Admin, an Owner or both. You'll need to check around amongst your co-workers to see if there are other people who were designated as owners/admins who can help. We actually encourage users to always have at LEAST one other Admin so there's not a single point of failure in terms of being able to recover other people's accounts if they lose their Secret Key or forget their Master Password.

    If it turns out that the person who's no longer with you is the only Owner/Admin, then you'll either need to rely upon his/her good graces to sign back in (if that's even possible at this point) and transfer ownership to another team member), or the entire account will need to be reset. I'm hoping for your sake it does not come to that. Please check around amongst team members and find out if anyone else has admin/ownership privileges. Let me know what you discover! :)

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