About the current DropBox situation for (MAC/WIN) standalone users

Dear 1 password Team,
Currently, I used Dropbox as my all-time sync for 1password which sync to all my devices (4 iOS, 1 Android, 3 MAC and 4 Windows Machines) . However this month Dropbox is changing its policy to limit 3 device sync and it will break my 1password.

I do have both MAC and Windows standalone licence which has been purchased last year, and still willing to use the standalone version.
Currently, only MAC and Windows has the option to sync via any other source (Google Drive eg.) but none of the iOS/Android devices.

Right now I see these options for us:

  • Go for 1password membership (I don't want to since I'm totally fine with my Standalone licences)
  • Go with a subscription with Dropbox (Still, not willing to)
  • Do some sort of hack with Google Drive containing my DropBox sync folder to do a cross-platform sync option (kinda risky)
  • Look for other password manager solution, with a similar but wider sync option.

As I saw 1password not willing to add any additional Sync option (OneDrive/Google Drive, heck even WLAN sync) for iOS and Android, so that' kind of a bummer, cause I really love this platform.


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    @smog - one of the reasons we created 1password.com was because we couldn't control what 3rd party service did with their sync platforms. Dropbox was (obviously) not created solely to sync your 1Password data; it has to be able to sync your cat gifs and Excel spreadsheets and anything else you throw at it as well. 1password.com doesn't: it's purpose-built for syncing your 1Password data and only your 1Password data. And as such, it will always have a leg up on any 3rd party sync solution we could test and offer as an "approved" method because we can concentrate on making sure we provide the best 1Password experience possible for you, our awesome users. As much as we love Dropbox (it was our first cloud-based sync solution, even before iCloud), giving you the best 1Password experience specifically just isn't their mission statement, like it is ours.

    If you've purchased standalone licenses for both 1Password 7 for Mac and 1Password 7 for Windows, you're out a fair piece of change; even at the "launch special" pricing of $49.99 instead of the full retail price of $64.99, that's essentially $100. I wouldn't want to lose that money either, if it was me. But for that same $100, you could have subscribed to a 1Password individual account at the annual rate of $35.88 for 2.8 years, or a 1Password Families account at the annual rate of $59.88 for 1.67 years -- and that would cover you and up to four additional family members! I don't have a crystal ball regarding when we'll be releasing 1Password 8 for either Windows or Mac, but I'd be surprised if it was three years from now, and it might even be as soon as eighteen months. Meaning: a 1password.com membership is probably actually cheaper for you if you use both Windows and Mac, over the long haul, than buying new standalone licenses when they're released. If you'd like to try a 1password.com account, there's a 30-day free trial for you to check it out at https://1password.com/sign-up/ - and if you'd like to email our sales team at [email protected], I suspect we could come to some kind of credit in exchange for the licenses you've already purchased.

    Lastly, thanks -- if I haven't said it already -- for being a long-time 1Password user. We're very aware 1Password wouldn't be where it is today (not to mention all of us who make and support it) without early adopters like you. We hope to keep offering you an even better, more stable and secure 1Password experience for years to come, and 1password.com accounts are definitely the way forward. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the sales/billing team if you'd like to proceed. :)


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