Hi what are my options to create a new master password. I’m fearful I’ll be locked out!

Hi through frequent finger print ID use I’ve managed to forget the nuances of my master password. Finger print ID works, but I wish to create a new master password before I get locked out! My android phone still opens with fingerprint, but I am now prompted to enter master password on my IPAD. Can I use my emergency kit which I can see with encrypted key, but with no master password? Help!


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  • periperi

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    Hi @RichardV. Thanks for reaching out! If you're using a 1Password membership, then your Master Password is saved in your vault and accessible with Fingerprint Unlock. Please unlock 1Password on Android with your Fingerprint. Tap Tags at the bottom. Do you see a tag there called Starter Kit? If so, click on that, and you should see a 1Password Login there. You can reveal the password in that Login to find your Master Password.

    Let me know if that helps!

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