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I'm attempting to move 538 entries from Enpass 6.0.6 to 1Password. I'm using the latest version of MrC's Converter Suite and following the instructions for export and conversion, however it exports the vast majority of my login entries as note items. Out of 538 items, 456 are exported as note items and 82 as login items. The vast majority of my items in Enpass are Login items. Can you help me troubleshoot this issue?


1Password Version: 7.3
Extension Version: 657
OS Version: Windows 10 1809
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @del1313 ,

    Is your system's / Enpass' language in non-English, and if so, did you change the system and Enpass language to English, reboot, and then export?

  • Hi @MrC,

    Yes, I set it to English and restarted Enpass and even my whole system just in case.


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    Ok, then lets take a look at the categories you have. Run the converter again, but this time, add the --dumpcats option. You can direct the output into a file, since it will be fairly long. Add to your command line the additional text:

    --dumpcats > encats.txt

    You can run it without the > encats.txt portion to see what it does. Example:

    $ perl enpass -v  Testfiles\enpass6-big.json  --dumpcats
    computer.database (1) -----
          1   __MAIN::Alias::6::8
          1   __MAIN::Database::2::4
          1   __MAIN::Options::7::9
          1   __MAIN::Password::4::6
          1   __MAIN::Port::1::3
          1   __MAIN::SID::5::7
          1   __MAIN::Server::0::2
          1   __MAIN::Type::8::1
          1   __MAIN::Username::3::5
    computer.emailaccount (2) -----
          1   __MAIN::E-mail::0::1
          1   __MAIN::Password::2::3
          1   __MAIN::Username::1::2
          1   INCOMING SERVER::Auth. method::11::10
          1   INCOMING SERVER::IMAP server::4::7
          1   INCOMING SERVER::POP3 server::3::6
          1   INCOMING SERVER::Port number::6::8
          1   INCOMING SERVER::Security type::10::9
          1   INCOMING SERVER::Server type::9::5
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::Auth. method::16::17
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::Password::14::15
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::Port number::7::13
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::SMTP server::5::12
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::Security type::15::16
          1   OUTGOING SERVER::Username::13::14
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::::21::24
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Helpline::20::24
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Local phone::19::23
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Password::171::22
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Provider::18::19
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Username::170::21
          1   CONTACT INFORMATION::Website::8::20
    computer.ftp (1) -----

    Take a look to ensure there is nothing confidential in that dump. It will contain only your Enpass template names, and the section/field names, their IDs and their order in the UI.

    If you are comfortable sending me this category/field dump, redirect it into a file. The command will look like:

    $ perl enpass -v  Testfiles\enpass6-big.json  --dumpcats > encats.txt

    but use the correct path to your Enpass export file. The encats.txt file will be in the converter suite folder (if you did a cd there).

    My email address is at the top of the script. Alternatively, you could post the dump here, but be sure to capture all of it in the command shell window (it might be very long).

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    I've sent a customized converter to @del1313 , and am awaiting feedback.

    I'll follow-up here when we're done.

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    There has been no reply from the OP, so I will summarize the issue.

    I've added a note to the Enpass converter's section in the README regarding this:

    Records imported into Enpass 6 from another password manager are not converted to its own categories, and are instead placed into a generic category. The converter cannot automatically determine the record type for these records, because the field names and semantics vary based on the original password manager. The result will be that many of your records will convert as Secure Notes. The converter can be customized to handle your data. If you are in this situation, use the --dumpcats option to examine the field names present in the "import.imported" category shown in the output. You can decide which of these fields should be mapped to the username, password, and URL fields for a Login category. There is a commented-out entry in the converter file's table of category/field names which can be uncommented and tailored to your data. Ask if you need help.

    Another reference.

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    Excellent! Thanks for the update. :chuffed:

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