1P doesn't fill email or password field on Freshbooks.com

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This only started happening recently (a month or so ago).

I have contacted support @ Freshbooks and they cannot reproduce, so it seems related to my specific environment.

Browser: Version 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) Built on Ubuntu , running on Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

  1. Visit https://my.freshbooks.com/#/login
  2. 1Password icon does not automatically show in either email or password fields, even when focused.
  3. Using context menu to "Show 1Password" does work, but the icon does not respond when clicked.
  4. Accessing 1Password from the browser toolbar shows the normal 1Password interface and correctly shows my Freshbooks login and password.
  5. However, clicking "FILL" does not fill the fields

It gets stranger...

  1. I copy-paste the login creds from 1Password's interface into Freshbooks login form and successfully login.
  2. I choose logout, which gives me a link to the login page, and I click it to get back to the login form.
  3. 1Password works perfectly. The 1P icon populates in the email input. 1P correctly fills both email and password field on command.
  4. Refresh the page
  5. Back to step 1... no more 1Password icons.

This problem seems related to Freshbooks using SPA framework like Ember.js, as "deep link" navigating affects the behavior.

I do not experience the problem on any other websites, and I use 1Password several times per day across many websites. Again, Freshbooks integration team cannot reproduce the issue.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 1.14.3
OS Version: Ubuntu 18.04
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member
    edited April 2019

    Thanks so much for the detailed report – I love it! ❤️A couple of users have reached out to us, and I've got it reported to our developers. I believe the strange behavior you're seeing is from switching from Freshbooks Classic to Freshbooks New. The former has a URL of https://secure.freshbooks.com/login/ which is where filling works for me (and I think that's the URL you see when you sign out).

    In case you're curious, we noticed that the issue lies in how 1Password X is handling an iframe on the page. If you delete the following iframe using DevTools, filling actually works as expected.

    <iframe id="zendesk-widget-iframe" src="javascript:false;" title="" role="presentation" style="display: none;"></iframe>

    What I did was open up DevTools (command-shift-i) and right clicked on the above element, then chose the Delete element option. After that, I was able to fill just fine. I definitely don't expect you to do that every time you want to log in, but I wanted to share a little bit about it since you took the time to report it to us here. :chuffed:

    After playing with it a bit more, it looks like it could be a Chrome bug with how they handle iframes with src="javascript:false" since filling is working well in Firefox. Either way, it's on our radar, and we'll be working on a fix!

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#454

  • Excellent detective work, Kaitlyn.

    Thanks a ton for your help. This basically solves my problem.

    I created this TamperMonkey script to remove the iframe :)

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name         Remove ZenDesk iframe
    // @namespace    http://tampermonkey.net/
    // @version      1.0
    // @description  Solves a problem with 1Password + Freshbooks
    // @author       You
    // @match        https://my.freshbooks.com/
    // @grant        none
    // ==/UserScript==
    (function() {
        'use strict';
        var iframe = document.querySelector('#zendesk-widget-iframe');
        if (iframe) {
  • kaitlynkaitlyn

    Team Member

    Awesome! I didn't even think of that, but I'm glad you did. Excellent work, yourself :sunglasses:

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