What is the difference btw 1Password (subscription svc) and 1Password X?

three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

Where have I been? I remember no such announcement re: a different 1Password. .
Why does 1Password X exist? What are the special needs for a different 1Password?

I’m a little embarrassed asking this ....but I seldom have ANY problems with 1PW. So I have had no need to visit the Forum!

How does AgileBits announce new products or important updates? I have not had a “Dave” internet note for a long time!

1Password Version: IOS Ver 7.3 (OS ver 6.8.9)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: IOS ver 12.2 (MacOS 10.10.5)
Sync Type: Subscriber


  • YaronYaron

    Team Member

    Hey there, @three-cushion :chuffed:

    Never be embarrassed asking questions! That is how you learn and become better.
    1Password X is an extension for browsers, much like the regular 1Password extension you know, except it contains your entire 1Password.com account within it, which means it can work with or without the 1Password app installed on your computer. It also has some new auto-filling logic and will function better on certain websites and login forms. You can learn more about it (from Dave!) here.

    1Password X exists because we believe it might be the future of 1Password - all of your 1Password experience packed into one single place that does it all. But until we get it just right (which might take some time), we give our users the option to choose between the standard 1Password app + 1Password extension, and the 1Password X extension.

    Regarding the announcements - if we have big updates/releases, you'll hear about it on our social media channels (Twitter, FB...) and email.
    However, if you'd like to get on board new features/products before they become a big announcement, I recommend checking our blog every now and then, and the sticky messages on top of the forums here once in a while. I also recommend turning on your beta builds updates in the 1Password app's preferences and read every update's description.
    If you'd like to join the 1Password X experience, feel free to download and install it.
    And if you'd like to help us make it better, you can also download the beta and enjoy new features before everyone else does (Chrome only).

    I hope that cleared things up, feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like!
    Yaron K.

  • three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

    @yaron_1P : Thank you for the education . (Also thanx to @blaxxz)....NOW I know why 1PWX was developed!
    Let me explain...the past few days I was flummoxed with using the Forum. In iOS 12.2 I just could NOT gain proper access to seeing the “New Discussions” button! What was wrong? Well, I was using the 1PW Browser to access the Forum. Someone finally saw that and said: :”....ya know, that browser wont work on the Forum...” How was I to know to switch to full Safari before using the Forum? No one told me. Also I was beginning to have similar trouble with other sites...would let me login, etc. Now I know why.

    Now to 1PWX.....OF COURSE there is a need for 1PX...simply to AVOID relying on Safari at all! Get away from all those natty Apple rules that slow your development and expanding functions you need for 1PW growth. And, as I read about it, I saw that it is a way to expand 1PW without the Apple anchor around your neck.

    Later on I will Install 1PX on a Firefox browser. (Chrome?...I didn’t think so, right now....I just don’t like Google) I use Firefox to support TOR on my iMac.... the infamous browser for anonymity . But I have no Firefox on iOS, Is there one? Ill check.

    I use the iPad for 95% of my usage these days. iMac is fun but less useful for me.
    But, 1PW is critical to my usage. I don’t know how I EVER got along without it!.

    Thanx for listening...I enjoyed your tutorial.

    Jim B
    User of 1PW since 2010 (or before? I don’t remember).

  • YaronYaron

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    edited April 2019

    Thank you for the kind words and all the details you have provided, @three-cushion .

    However, I think we might have got something confused here. Extensions for browsers are only applicable and available for the computers versions of said browsers, not on iOS. That means that 1Password X is not available for iOS, nor does the regular 1Password extension.
    There are several ways to use 1Password on your iPhone/iPad:

    This info about iOS will greatly enhance your 1Password experience on the iPad, once you utilize these tools properly, and work with Safari and your iPad's native features. Please try them and find the best workflow for you.

    If you download Chrome/Firefox on your iOS device, that won't change a thing since it is not possible to install extensions on them there. However, your iMac is your playground, feel free to explore and install 1Password X on your Firefox and enjoy it to the fullest :chuffed:


    User of 1PW since 2010 (or before? I don’t remember).

    Same here :)

    Enjoy your 1Password and stay safe.
    Yaron K.

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