[Feature] No same Symbols


is it possible, to add an Option to the Passwordgenerator with an On/Off Switch for "No same Symbols"?
That the Password does not contain two or three times the same Symbol.


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  • Hello @blaxxz,

    Can I ask what the motivation behind the request is please. My first instinct is anything that artificially restricts the password space isn't a good thing. It's why i've never been a fan of the x symbols and y numbers options myself, it's forcing a restriction on the password and each time we do that it reduces the search space. The best thing we can do is keep things as uniformly random as possible and only restrict the character set when it serves a much greater good.

    Just as an aside, I suspect the example you've provided doesn't do this. I'm sure we used to have something similar and the intent behind it was to avoid passwords where you couldn't easily distinguish between uppercase i, lowercase L and the digit 1 - that sort of thing. The number of typefaces that make no effort to distinguish these is staggering. If you only ever need to fill using 1Password then it's a non-issue but if you've ever needed to enter individual characters then without a typeface that makes it easy you're left wondering which it is.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    I thought that if you do not have the same symbols / signs you would have a "stronger" password.

    Not necessarily the case. :) The important thing is randomness, not a lack of repetition.


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