PLS HELP: 1 Password Pro for IOS purchasing

Hi Folks, if I buy 1Password Pro from iTunes for 15USD can I use it with all my IOS Devices (mainly iPad2 and Iphone4) using the sync etc or I have to buy two different versions? Can you please let me know if I can use the dropbox functionality without buying the Mac app?

Can I also use the generating password from the IOS based app?

Please advise so I can proceed in purchasing this app. I will buy it only if I can use it in both IOS devices.

Thanks in advance


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    Hi Andrew,

    #1a) So long as you buy the Pro version of 1P it will work on iPhone and iPad
    #1b) You can use it on as many devices as iTunes will allow, currently I don't think there is a specific device limit

    #2) You will need to download and install the Mac app to setup the Dropbox sync (just the trial you will not have to purchase) as it does the initial setup, once its done and setup you can remove the trial of 1P.

    I would like to mention that currently 1P is 50% in the MAS its $24.95 and will be for a limited time till returning to its normal price. Should you wish to get it at a great discount and have a free upgrade to v4 when it arrives.

    But agin this is not necessary, as you can remove the Mac trial edition above once the setup is complete.

    #3) Yes you can use the generated password feature from the iOS app

    Grab the latest version before the MAS 3.8.5 and use it to setup your dropbox syncing then remove after your install.

    One other note : Should you decide to buy the Mac version, Please purchase it from the MAS and not through our site. Currently the decision has been made to only issue updates etc through the MAS version. Thats not saying we want issue security updates to previous versions. I am mainly referring to new enhancements etc.
  • Hi Tommy,
    very helpful answers. thanks so much.

    I'm thinking to buy the Mac version as well for 24,50 USD, but are you sure I'll be entitled to get the 4 for free? All IOS updates are free of charges as every other software?
    I own a new Mac Air with Lion, is the current version full compatible?

    Just another question. I would be able to store credit card and home banking codes in a different section? When I store a website info (e.g. amazon) can I click directly to the link and it logs in automatically?

    If I use Safari and I subscribe an account, does the software keep info and store it automatically? (in the Mac version?)

    As soon as you clarify these doubts, I'll buy them! :-)
    thanks so much,
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    As to the MAS update question:

    stu wrote:

    That's right, we wanted to get 1Password into the Mac App Store for everyone to enjoy as quickly as possible, and as well as a great introductory price you'll also get an upgrade to 1Password 4, when it's eventually released, at no extra cost.

    iOS update question:

    I cannot say for certain on the iOS updates as I am not privy to the Business decisions, but I can tell you that there has yet to be a charge for an update to the iOS app. There are 3 versions in the store standard, iPhone only, Pro iPhone and iPad only and then the iPad only version.
    AFAIK there are no plans to release a new version but again I am not privy to the business decisions.

    You can store the info for example for CC info it goes in a section called wallet, then logins are in well logins, generated passwords are stored in a generated password section as a safety measure should you not save the login in the browser you can then always go to the generated password section and retrieve the password.

    Personally this has saved my bacon on a few occasions.

    Its fully compatible with Lion, I am running a future seed from the Developer Program so I can assure you it works now and will work for a future release. 1Password is now Lion only,... that is we will be supporting Lion from the point forward to focus all efforts on the future.

    The version I linked to in the above post has a free trial, give it a look, kick the tires. See what you think. It will work for 30 days before you need to buy etc.

    Edit: Make sure to follow the 1Password twitter feed, that is where I received the latest tweet a few days ago mentioning the price increase. It went from $19.95 to $24.95.

    This would be you best avenue to try and get a heads up if you want to use the 30 day trial before buying. I think if I am not mistaken the full price when it increases again will be $49.95

    But as I said buy from the MAS.

    Also please note that some users have had issues with having a previous version installed and going through the MAS store.

    To alleviate this possible issue please delete the 1Password app prior to trying to install the MAS version. This will not delete the data file, which according to your post you will have in Dropbox.

    Also if I were you I would go ahead and setup the Dropbox sync try it out. Please note swell that the 1Password.agilekeychain (data file) must be in the root of the Dropbox folder. That is it currently cannot be in a folder in your Dropbox folder.

    I apologize for being a little on the short side I am packing for a business trip and will be departing soon. I only volunteer here so if you have any more questions or you need more answers please let me/us know.

    One of us will be able to reply as soon as possible.
  • Thanks so much!!!
    I bought the 1 password PRO for IOS , but the icon is that of the 1 password. Is it normal? If I go to the App Store it says that I installed the 1 password Pro but in both devices (iPhone and iPad) the icon is the simple one without the word PRO.

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    Yes the icon problem has been a long standing one.

    If you bought the PRO version then it will have a silver boarder around it like this.

    Here is a screen shot of my iTunes library: in itunes small.png

    Here is the iPhone screen shot:

    It will not have the word pro on it. It will not have the red banner either.
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