1Password can't connect to server, consistently solved by uninstalling/reinstalling extension

Same thing happens in Firefox and Chrome.

The problem is as stated in the title. I'll start getting "Can't connect to the server" errors whenever I try to save a password, which is fixed temporarily if I uninstall/reinstall the extension. Can't say how long goes in between working and breaking because I'm not often saving new passwords. It's mostly just an annoyance for that reason, but it is annoying.

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  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hello @DaTedinator,

    Welcome to the forums! πŸ€—

    I'm sorry for the trouble! This shouldn't be happening and I agree it's gotta be annoying. Let's get it fixed up for you. πŸ™‚

    It sounds like something is preventing the connection to our servers. To be sure could you please collect your logs from Chrome and share them with us? Once we see those we can dig deeper and take it from there.

    Take care,


  • To be clear, the logs won't be helpful until the issue is happening again, right? I just reinstalled it.

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    You're right @DaTedinator, you'll need to recreate the issue before collecting the logs. From what it sounds like though it won't take that long to pop up its head again. Hopefully anyway. πŸ™‚


  • I'm having the exact same issue! It is super annoying:

    background.js:31 Caught error on @signInToAccount ClientError: Request timed out. This probably means that you’re not connected to the Internet or our servers are down.
    at new t (chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:31:155256)
    at _handleQwestError (chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:31:354890)
    at Array.f (chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:24:625920)
    at chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:24:625609
    at chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:24:486393
    at p (chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:24:486503)
    at s (chrome-extension://aeblfdkhhhdcdjpifhhbdiojplfjncoa/background/background.js:24:485866) undefined
    uY @ background.js:31

  • Greetings @camargochico (and @DaTedinator ),

    I wonder if you could help with a couple of other details alongside the log entries.

    1. Do you use a VPN or use a proxy set at either the operating system level or in the browser? If you do, is it possible you tend to see the issue if you've enabled it and it wasn't previously?
    2. Somewhat related to 1, is this Windows, macOS or Linux?
    3. Does the issue disappear if you restart the browser, instead of removing and reinstalling?
    4. Do you use 2FA on your 1Password account?
    1. No VPN or proxy.
    2. Windows 10
    3. I don't think so. I primarily use Firefox, but before I made this post, I booted up Chrome to confirm it was happening there, and it was. So not technically a "re"start, but I started it fresh, it wasn't running in the background.
    4. I do.
  • Hi @DaTedinator,

    That's annoying.

    Could I trouble you for those console logs that Dave asked for, just to see if it helps pin down the location of the offending code.

    Depending on how frequently this happens for you how would you feel about using 1Password for a wee while without 2FA enabled, just to see if we can say that seems to be part of the issue. My request does only make sense if the issue is consistent enough that after a small period you could feel confident saying you would have expected to experience the problem a few times during the lull. Then see if the issue returns once you re-enable 2FA.

    I did think we'd got the 2FA stuff nailed down as there were problems in the past. I wonder if we missed something.

  • So far it hasn't been happening again, so who knows, maybe we're all good. I have this page bookmarked just in case it ever shows up again, though.

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Sounds good. We're here if you need us! :)

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