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  • I have this issue on a dev-site, using VueJS for the login form with axios doing the HTTP part. I'm using axios interceptors for POST requests and responses to inject HTTP headers together with returning promises. When clicking on Login i get the same error. Hope this helps you. If you want a Skype session I could share my screen.

  • Hi @SAGAIO,

    Thanks for the offer but we won't need to bother you. We're able to reproduce so it's just about finding the opportunity to muck about with the code.

  • Enterprise customer here... getting the same error during development on Linux and MacOS. I ended up disabling the 1password extension and it goes away... but that kind of defeats the purpose of 1password, right? I record developer training videos so I can't have spurious errors popping up in the middle of a screencast...

  • brentybrenty

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    I hope you'll understand that our focus isn't on making 1Password's logs screencast-friendly, but we'll see what we can do to improve it in future versions. :)

  • That is a bit irresponsible. For developers and clients console errors are a big issue if ur error made at least 5 developers look out the error and debugging their site against it it's at least $100 in development time. Your application is a service, customers are paying for it it's obviously not a charity so at least be responsible for your own product.

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    Hi @trip16661! Welcome to the forum!

    Thank you also for sharing your feedback. As littlebobbytabes mentioned, we were able to reproduce this and our developers are aware of this. They have their list of priorities they are working on, so I am sure they will get to this in due time.

  • Can the priority of this issue please be increased. This is causing issues for our development team.

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    I have passed your feedback to the developers @virgofx, thank you for sharing!

  • @ag_ana, when to expect a response from the dev team?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    I am afraid I don't have an exact time at the moment @heihachi88. Thank you for your patience!

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