I want to see the contents of "primary vault" on all of my devices

My husband has passed away, now it is only me. I have a Password1 account on my mac and I see all of our "shared vaults" except the "primary" vault (where my main data is on my iphone). I want to see the same data on my mac and all devices. How do I do this?


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    Hi @scbibhouse, and welcome to the forum!

    My condolences.

    Your Primary vault is not inside your 1Password account, it's a separate vault. If you are already sharing other vaults, the best way is to use the automatic sync in your 1Password account, and migrate your Primary vault data inside the account, rather than trying to sync this additional vault separately.

    In your 1Password account, you should have a vault called Private or Personal. Do you see it? And if you do, is it currently empty?

    If it is, you can move your existing data from your Primary vault to your Personal vault, and have everything continue syncing automatically through your 1Password account.

    I hope this helps!

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