Migrating 3.8.22 vault to latest version

When I migrated 1Password (version 3.8.22) to my new MacBook Air, I was told that my free trial expired and to subscribe. I did that and I now have a 1Password Account on 1Password.com. How do I migrate my old vault (kept in a Dropbox folder) to my new account. I'm concerned about installing the new app on my MacBook and blowing away the existing vault.

1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X 10.14.3
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    Hi @PerryAppino! Welcome to the forum!

    When I migrated 1Password (version 3.8.22) to my new MacBook Air,

    When you migrated the app to your new MacBook Air, did you install 1Password version 3.8.22 or did you install the latest version 7 of the app?

    I ask because version 3 was developed before subscriptions were a thing, so that app wouldn't be able to tell you to subscribe. So I wonder if this message came from version 7 instead?

  • I migrated the "old" version 3.8.22 from my old MacBook to my new MacBook. I agree it seems strange that the message came up. But now that I have a 1Password membership I want to get the latest version. I think I'll make a backup copy of my vault (just in case) then install 1Password 7 and see if I can point it at the old vault or maybe import it somehow. Any help is appreciated.

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    @PerryAppino - if you've created a 1password.com account, and you've got 1Password 7 for Mac installed on your new MacBook Air, then this should be a relatively easy process, especially if you still have access to your previous Mac. Do you? Even if you don't have access to that, your data should be safe in the Agile Keychain on Dropbox. Here's what to do:

    1. If you haven't already, visit our downloads page and grab a copy of the most-recent 1Password 7 installer.
    2. Make sure you quit 1Password 3 for Mac.
    3. Run the 1Password 7 for Mac installer and when the New User screen pops up, choose Dropbox as your data source:
    4. You'll be informed your Primary vault needs to be updated (because 1Password 7 for Mac cannot use Agile Keychains; it requires data to be in the current OPVault format):
    5. You'll then be guided through the rest of the process, which mostly consists of you seeing the Purchase Options screen when you first unlock 1Password with your Master Password. In your case, since you already have a 1password.com account, choose the "Already have a membership? Sign in" option, like this:
    6. Sign in with your 1password.com account credentials (or use the Setup Code).
    7. If you get asked to migrate your data, accept this. If you don't, click the Vault menu > (Select your account vault)**, then click Help > Tools > Migrate Standalone vaults to account. Follow the instructions to move your data over and remove the old Primary vault.

    You should now be running with only your 1password.com account's vault, with all your data there. Let us know how that goes for you! :)

  • Thanks @Lars! It didn't go exactly as above but it worked. Once I installed 1Password 7, I didn't get the New Password screen or the Primary Vault needs to be updated screen. I had an empty Personal Vault. When I went to Help > Tools the Migrate Standalone vaults to account selection was greyed out. Yikes! I started poking around and found File > Import... I selected my old 1Password vault in Dropbox and it imported just fine. I checked out a few logins that were new as of yesterday and everything was there. I compared to the old vault on my phone and everything matched. Awesome! I then pointed the 1Password on my phone to my 1Password account to connect to the new vault. I tried making some changes on my iPhone which showed up on my Mac and visa versa. At this point, I think I'm good.

    Thanks again for your help. And keep up the great work! I love 1Password!!

    One Happy Customer

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    @PerryAppino - that's definitely another way to do it. Glad you figured it out all on your own and everything looks good now! Make sure the older, no-longer-necessary Primary vault is deleted on all devices where you're using 1Password with your 1password.com vaults. Enjoy the new 1password.com account! :)

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