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This discussion was created from comments split from: Why didn't iOS ask for my secret key?.


  • Hi Ben

    I also had the same problem with a new Android device (restoring data with backup saved in google account)
    Ben, I understand your point of view but let me expose my approach aimed exclusively at safeguarding data (which I believe is the number one reason for which you subscribe to a service like yours).
    My point of view is the result of two considerations:
    1. Mainly I save data for login in different services. Bad that goes, that is if I lose my main key, I will be forced to request a password reset. Definitely a waste of time, but actually I don't lose my data forever.
    2. I use your service on at least two devices (smartphone and PC). so even if I lose one of the two devices, I can immediately retrieve the key through the other.
    Furthermore, as you suggest, I printed and stored the access key in a physical place.

    With regard to these considerations of mine, I ask you for help in implementing one of the following two solutions:
    1. Disable in case of backup of the device that the application also saves the key.
    2. if this is not possible, find a way to make the backup, perhaps excluding the 1password application

    Thanks for the help

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @Beppe

    I appreciate your perspective. I'm going to split your comment off, as this thread is about iOS, and our iOS and Android teams are separate. To get this the attention that it deserves on Android I think having it in its own thread would be the way to go. In my opinion we do have some duty to help prevent folks from shooting themselves in the foot, but I can also understand the desire to have that balanced with the concerns you've expressed.


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