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Another question again regarding the internals of 1Password.

It looks like that there is different type of vaults, currently in my database I have types: E, P, U.

I suspect that each type have a specific way to decrypt the vault private key.

Would you mind explaining what E, P, U stands for ? and if there are other types ?

I successfully decrypted U (user?) and P (pro?) vaults, but not E (family shared?).

For the moment, I don't have the need of this type of vaults.

I think that I need to look for a special key in the keysets table to decrypt the vault key as multiple accounts can access the secrets stored in this vault ?


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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @mickael - E is indeed an Everyone vault in team and family accounts, and is shared with all team and family members automatically. This is what reads inside 1Password as the "Shared" vault. P is a Personal or Private vault which everyone has. We renamed them from Personal to Private on 21 March 2017. U is "User (created)" - a vault someone in the account created and can be shared with other team or family members, or guests.

  • @Lars thanks for the details :+1:

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    On behalf of Lars you're most welcome. :)


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