1Password 4 a glitch in Firefox wiped out my extensions

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A recent glitch in Firefox removed all my extensions, including 1Password 4. That extension is no longer accessible from the Browser Preferences page in the program itself. Is there a way to reinstall that extension

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  • oldblue3oldblue3
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    Found them. My understanding is that I have to use 4.6.8 or earlier. The suppose fix instituted by Firefox, is still telling me this and some of my other extensions are corrupt.

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    You can use the latest version of the 1Password extension with 1Password 4, @oldblue3. In fact, I'd recommend it so you're able to take advantage of the latest improvements to filling. That said, I have heard from a few folks that they're still encountering issues with the fix Firefox has published. At this point, my only real recommendation, if the latest isn't working for you, is to double-check that Firefox really has updated to 66.0.4. On both of my PCs, I had to force an update by going to Help > About Firefox from the hamburger menu. On one, I even had to reboot my PC, so that's worth a try as well. Keep in mind, this issue withe Firefox didn't remove extensions. Instead, it disabled them, so if you already have the 1Password extension installed, you shouldn't need to reinstall it. Just make sure Firefox is updated (and maybe reboot for good measure) and they should come back on their own. :+1:

  • Thanks, maybe I misunderstood the conversation. 4.6.8 was still declared to be corrupt after I forced the Firefox upgrade. I picked one of the 4.7.# and it worked but at your suggestion I went to the top of the list. Thanks.

  • brentybrenty

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    Sorry for the confusion there. It was coincidental, as it only worked for you later because Mozilla patched Firefox to address the add-on issue. Glad you're back up and running! :)

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