Galaxy S10 in-screen fingerprint reader compatibility?

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Has anyone tried logging into websites or apps with an under screen fingerprint reader? Currently I have an Android device running 9.0 with a fingerprint sensor on the back. I noticed when 1password asks for my fingerprint, if I tap the screen where the S10 has a fingerprint reader instead of my actual fingerprint reader, the 1password box disappears. I guess there must be some other software on the S10 to prevent that from happening but haven't seen it demoed anywhere. Can anyone confirm if that's an issue or not and is 1Password compatible with in-screen fingerprint sensors such as the one on the S10\S10+?


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    @kurtd: Whether or not it's "1Password compatible" depends entirely on if they're adhering to Google's Nexus Imprint standard. If they are, it will work. If they're using something custom, it may not, and we're unlikely at this time to develop and test support for something proprietary to a specific vendor, given that Nexus Imprint is mature and secure already. I haven't been able to find any info on their implementation, but I would bet they are just using Google's standard since it's probably less work for them and they have experience with that already too. :)

    But you bring up an interesting point as well. Certainly if you're touching the fingerprint icon in 1Password's onscreen prompt instead of the actual sensor on your device, that's not going to work. I suspect that they're smart enough to have thought of this too and disable touch input in that spot when the fingerprint reader is active, but we'll have to see how it plays out next month once they're actually available. :)

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    @kurtd No issues with 1P on the S10. When an app requests a fingerprint, the phone pops up an overlay with an indicator of where to put your finger.

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    @andmade: Ah, thank you! I hadn't seen that yet. Very cool. :chuffed:

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    Thanks for the info. It's working good on my Wife's S10 as well. Sorry for the late reply, not sure how to subscribe to topics on here or mark a post as answered.

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    @kurtd: There's no way to disable notifications for specific discussions. However, you can adjust your notification preferences in your profile settings:

    And I will also close this discussion in particular since you indicated that you're all set, so you won't get any more for this (except when I post this). But if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to start a new discussion. We're here for you! :)

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