After trying to get passwords to fill in by clicking on install browser ext 1PW is read only

I do not have your cloud service and appears you have installed it any way. I have a mac and after trying to fix the 1pw no longer filling in the passwords at all now I'm stuck with a read only app and you don't have any option to enter in the key. Why is your service so convoluted? How can I get my paid app working again without it messing up my data?

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.2.5 (70205004) Mac App Store
Extension Version: 1 PW 7.2.5
OS Version: 10.14.4
Sync Type: local


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    @dfvefvevwefv - I'm sorry for the trouble! 1Password 7 for Mac is a paid upgrade from previous versions. If you own a previous version from the Mac App Store (or from us directly), that older purchase will not work to license version 7. Also, we chose to release the Mac App Store version of 1Password 7 for Mac as subscription-only, for multiple reasons. If you downloaded 1Password 7 for Mac from the Mac App Store but would like to use 1Password 7 for Mac with standalone data instead, you'll need to fully quit your current copy, then delete it by dragging it to your Mac's trash. Make sure you quit Safari first as well. Then you can visit our downloads page and grab our copy of 1Password 7 for Mac, install it, and you'll be offered the option to purchase a standalone license at the Purchase Options screen:

    If you're just trying to access an older version of 1Password for Mac, you can find version 6 on our downloads page down near the bottom under the "using an older computer" section, or in your purchase history in the Mac App Store. Hope this helps! :)

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    @dfvefvevwefv - I can't say for certain because I can't see what's actually installed on your Mac, so instead I'm going off what you wrote in your initial post, which was that you have the Mac App Store version of 1Password 7 for Mac installed. That version cannot, and will not, act as a "licensed" copy. There's never been a way to "license" copies of 1Password downloaded from the Mac App Store, because they have always been tied to your Apple ID, just like anything else you purchase from the Mac App Store.

    Please follow my previous instructions: quit Safari, and Quit 1Password 7 Completely by typing ^⌥⌘Q (or just holding down the Control and Option keys as you choose Quit from the 1Password menu). You'll then be able to delete the Mac App Store version of 1Password 7 for Mac by dragging it to the trash. Then download and install 1Password 7 for Mac from our downloads page. Your data will be there, just as it was in the Mac App Store version. You can then double-click your license file from the email you received from FastSpring when you purchased, or the license file itself if you have it already somewhere, and that should license 1Password 7 for Mac.

    We don't try to "trick people" into "paying more," and if you've purchased something inadvertently or need a refund, I definitely urge you to get in touch with us at [email protected], and we'll get you sorted out. We're not going to leave you high and dry or take your money for something you didn't want or don't need. 1Password 7 is a completely new version that requires the purchase of a new license OR a account, but you don't need both and we'd be happy to work with you to make sure you've only paid for what you're actually using. :)

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    ...we still have the issue that many passwords just don't fill out despite the URLs being correct.

    Can I ask who "we" is? A business/team? Your family? Are all these people using the same items, in a Shared vault? Or does each person have his/her own item, separately created and not shared? How were these items created (i.e. - was it using the recommended method)? Were these same items previously working and now have stopped, without being changed/edited? Are they now working for some people and not others?

    How can I reinstall the Safari plugin without having the app store version forced upon me?

    If you're using version 7 of 1Password for Mac and Safari 12+, you don't reinstall the Safari extension, as it's now part of the main application instead of a separate download/install, as required by Apple's new Safari App Extension format. What specifically are you attempting to reinstall?

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    @dfvefvevwefv: We don't have any control over Safari or Safari Technology Preview. If you're encountering a bug with that, you'd need to submit it to Apple.

    Regarding issues with filling on websites using 1Password, if you'll let us know the specifics we'll be happy to test:

    1. OS version -- it looks like 10.14.4 above, but be sure to clarify if it's a different machine with a different version
    2. 1Password version -- again, it looks like 7.2.5 above, but let us know if there's anything different
    3. Browser version -- what's the specific version number, and do you encounter the same issue in other browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
    4. Extension version
    5. URL where you are trying to fill into, and the URL saved in the Login you're trying to fill from
    6. Exact steps you're taking and the result you're seeing -- e.g. are you using the keyboard shortcut, mouse, etc.

    It is not possible for 1Password to work with every odd website out there, but we'll see if there's a workaround we can offer and/or improvements we can make in the future that will help. It just isn't feasible for us to do any of that without specifics.

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    More than half of my passwords don't fill. A majority of those are wordpress websites.

    @dfvefvevwefv: If you'll let me know the specifics, I'll be happy to assist in any way I can. You're the only person I've heard from that's having trouble to that extent, but it's certainly possible that you're encountering something we haven't seen with some old Wordpress installs, if you depend on that heavily. I think it's worth looking into, but I can't do that without your cooperation.

    You act like you don't know that for many of us the app stops working and if (on the old app format) the browser extension were reinstalled they all would start working again. I'm not going to reprogram every password with identical data as a workaround to some internal glitches.

    I have no aptitude for acting, so I don't try. ;) It's certainly not and never has been common to have to reinstall browser extensions. So it would be helpful to know the specifics of what you're having trouble with here so we can investigate the issue you're having. It sounds like you think we could allow you to use the old .safariextz but don't. On the contrary, Apple has already discontinued those in favour of their new Safari App Extensions (which we've been using since last year), and the old ones cannot be used going forward since they're shutting down their old extension gallery completely and that's the only place they could be installed from. If Safari isn't a good fit for your workflow and it is important for you to be able to uninstall extensions manually for some reason (testing?), there are other browsers that work like that still; Safari just isn't one of them, and we're going to continue to follows Apple's guidelines and frameworks there.

    I use the method: right click, select the password tomb and it should auto fill. If that fails I try the right click and then navigate to the fill button for the exact url listed in the URL bar and click "ope and fill".
    Also have saved as well.

    More details could be useful, but knowing the website helps. Thank you! The good news is that you may be able to get it working there, as it works here. The bad news is that you may need to wait a bit for an update, and Bank of America in general has been problematic off and on as we try to adapt 1Password to work better there and they change things again and again.

    But one workaround that may help you now is to click the "Online ID" and choose "Use another ID". That clears the "Online ID" field and filling will then work for both fields. Their login form is designed to allow input of one at a time, so if you need to you can press ⌘ \ a second time to fill again if you aren't able to the first time. Let me know how it goes. :)

    ref: xplatform/filling-issues#364

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    @dfvefvevwefv - Glad you like the 7.3 update. :)

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