Taking ownership of a team account after owner is gone

The previous owner of our 1password team account is no longer with our company. She made me an administrator before she left but I cannot get to any of the billing information nor can I delete her account because she is listed as the owner.

How do I get this ownership transferred to our current IT manager?


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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @bhayden - unfortunately, Admin-level privileges do not give you the ability to see/interact with billing; only Owner-level privileges can do that. Is the previous owner of your account still a member of the account?

  • The current owner is no longer with our company. I just need to know who I need to contact to get the account ownership transferred to the current manager.

    Ideally we will remove the previous owners account when the transfer is made but at my current level of access (admin-level), I cannot remove the owner account. I am also in the process of transferring departments so I am not an ideal candidate for the account ownership either. The current IT manager asked me to make the transfer over to him. I figured a phone call to 1password accounting (?) might be involved for the transfer but I am unsure how to make that contact other than reaching out to these forums.

    I am also concerned our membership may have not been getting renewed so there are a couple things that might need sorting out.


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    (Un)fortunately it isn't quite that easy, @bhayden. It isn't possible for us to make those sorts of changes to accounts. Promoting a new owner would need to be done by an existing owner — 1Password staff never have that kind of access to your membership. Is there only one owner on the membership? If so, did they use a company-owned email address for their 1Password account? If so, and your IT department can access that email account, you may be able to put their account through recovery to gain access:

    Recover accounts for family or team members | 1Password

    If there isn't another owner, and recovery isn't possible, the only other recourse would be to set up a new membership and to have everyone migrate their data from the old to the new.


  • @Ben Thank you for your response, I will pass this information along. Hopefully the account recovery will work for them.

    Migrating data for the company will be a considerable effort due to the number of employees we have using 1password. I am glad I won't be the person having to deal with that ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Either way going forward I'd highly recommend having multiple owners on the account. That should help prevent this sort of situation in the future. Having only one person in a company of any reasonable size that can do a given thing is generally not ideal. :)

    If there is anything else we can do to assist please let us know. :+1:


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