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I just hopped on the 1Password X train recently, and I like it so far, except there seems to be one major difference between it and the old(er) extensions. I have multiple vaults, and previously, when I would unlock the extension with one of my Master Passwords, it would unlock both vaults. Now, when I go to invoke 1Password X, I unlock it using that same Master Password, and it only unlocks the vault that uses that specific Master Password, and not both vaults. Then I have to dig through the 1Password X settings, and it shows the other vault as being locked, so I click it to visit that vaults page on the web, unlock it with that vault's Master Password, and then 1Password X can find all my stuff. Is this intentional, and will it continue to behave this way? Is there a way to make it unlock all vaults with one Master Password again?

1Password Version: 7.3.BETA-11
Extension Version: 1.15.8
OS Version: 10.14.4
Sync Type: 1Password Families and 1Password Teams


  • brentybrenty

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    @paulbrown: That's correct. With 1Password X we've taken a different approach, since it only works with 1Password membership accounts: the Master Password you enter determines which accounts are unlocked.

    If you use a single Master Password for your accounts, then all of them will be unlocked when you enter it, like what you're used to. This is recommended, as it's better for most people, since that allows you to remember and type only a single long, strong, unique Master Password -- in both cases allowing you to use a better Master Password since you only need to remember and enter one.

    On the flip side, for people who do need/want to use different Master Passwords for different accounts to secure them separately (e.g. personal and work), that allows them to be truly independent, and helps avoid mistakenly saving personal information to a company account, and vice versa. Some people also need to give their work account credentials to their company as part of emergency planning, so it's important to them to not use the same Master Password for their personal account, since the company will know it.

    We don't have plans to change this currently, but we're always open to feedback. But to answer your questions directly, you can unlock all your vaults by using one Master Password -- 1 password, get it? ;) Anyway, I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • I can confirm what @brenty says. I have 2 accounts (my personal(family) account and a work account), and have the master password set the same for both, and both are available in 1PX.

  • Hi @paulbrown,

    So I tried both using the desktop integration and integration disabled and in both scenarios I found 1Password X would unlock both accounts, mirroring lrosenman's findings. It means I'm unsure why it isn't for you.

    Given you mention 1Password account showing up as locked from 1Password X's settings that sounds as if you don't have desktop integration enabled. Is that intentional? I ask because I would be curious to learn if you see any better consistency using it. It does require that the same 1Password accounts are connected to 1Password for Mac as well as 1Password X.

  • I think the key is that I will need to set my master passwords to be the same thing for both accounts. Currently I use different master passwords for those two accounts. I'll give this a try when I'm back at my work computer and will hopefully remember to post my results here.

  • Hello @paulbrown,

    With the desktop integration the two passwords don't need to be the same as long as you're unlocking 1Password for Mac and not 1Password X. I did have to spend a little time locking and unlocking 1Password X to get everything synced up but once it had 1Password X was completely unlocked for both connected accounts after unlocking 1Password for Mac.

  • I've found this a little annoying at first, as well. I had a stand-alone licensee, but my employer recently went enterprise, and they added in personal family accounts for each employee. I migrated my stand-alone into the family account. But, I do not want to use the same master password for both.

    I just recently discovered that I can go directly to the settings by right mouse clicking the icon on the browser toolbar. Even if all vaults are locked. Perhaps you should advertise this more.

  • ag_michaelcag_michaelc

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    @chrisocowan, thanks for the feedback. :smile:

    Do you want to use different passwords just so you are sure to keep your two accounts separate and not save information to the wrong place? Keep in mind, your Master Password is never known to us or anyone else in the enterprise account, and your accounts are also protected by your Secret Key, so from that standpoint, there's very little to worry about in terms of having the same Master Password for your accounts. If it's just personal preference, that's totally understandable. I have a few different 1Password accounts, between a couple work ones and my own personal account, and I originally had different Master Passwords for all of them, but I definitely don't long for those days anymore. Life's much simpler with having unique Secret Keys but the same Master Password across all accounts. :smile:

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