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  • nrileynriley Junior Member
    edited May 2019

    Hi — after using the new mini (which is really a huge improvement overall) for a while, I had some comments about the navigation...

    Echoing others, it is really confusing to have Suggestions be the only thing you see when it pops up. It is quite common that I do the following when buying something:

    1) Log into the site (using suggestion)
    2) Fill address information
    3) Fill credit card information

    2) and 3) require switching to Favorites then selecting my preferred address/credit card. This involves a lot of clicking, or having to type — what's the point of Favorites if they're so awkward to use?

    How about displaying Favorites below the Suggestions in all cases? Usually the number of Suggestions is very small. The only downside I can see is that the Favorites would move around depending on the number of Suggestions, but at least they'd be visible.

    (In an ideal world, the Favorites would not be necessary and 1Password would recognize that what it's filling into is a credit card/address field, much like how Safari's native form filler does, but anyway…)

    Typing a single space in the search field seems to do a bit like the above, but my Favorites' sort order don't get preserved. In the main 1P app I have my Favorites sorted by category so the credit cards come first, followed by the identities, followed by the logins. (Right now trying to manually reorder your Favorites crashes the 1P app, and I've basically given up trying to get favorites ever to sort on iOS…).

    Alternately how about a keyboard shortcut for displaying Favorites in 1P Mini?

  • @Rudy,

    7.3.BETA-13 may not be the complete solution, but at least it is usable for my purposes as compared to not usable at all previously. For that I am very appreciative. Previously, I had to set the default browser to Firefox to have reliable (or even any) autofill. Of course, my success in using 1P7 may also have been related to 10.14.5 -- I did not track all the alternatives so I cannot make a definitive statement.

    I am aware of some other foibles of STP 81 and am watching the progress on these by Apple. STP 81 let me close at least one bug report.

    As always, 1Password is an integral and important part of my online life, not to mention relief from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I appreciate you all.

  • @rudy
    Life is full of surprises. After finding initial success with Safari Technology Preview last night, I discovered failure this morning.

    I am now also certain that "STP 81 and 7.3.BETA-13 are not a combination that resolves the problems with STP starting with STP 80."

  • rudyrudy

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  • OAWOAW Junior Member

    2 months and 13 betas later .... I know I for one am still anxiously awaiting the return of Identities and Credit Cards to the "Suggestions" section. That view in the mini is by far the primary way I interact with 1PW so it's definitely been a big step backwards when it comes to the UX with them being missing. I've resisted the urge to downgrade to 1PW 7.2 because of this since I do prefer the direction that the new mini is heading and I enjoy beta testing and providing feedback on these forums. But man I certainly didn't expect it to take this long.

  • brentybrenty

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    I'm not sure what the right answer is. That's the same thing we heard from a lot of people about the old new mini (7.0-7.2): that they didn't want Identities and Credit Cards to be suggested. :tongue: Can't please everyone, but we'll keep trying to strike the best balance we can. ;)

  • OAWOAW Junior Member
    edited May 2019

    No you can’t please everyone. But I would contend that anyone making that argument simply isn’t thinking it through. I would even go so far as to say that objectively speaking the primary purpose of the mini is the auto-fill function. (Or to quickly search for an item in a vault.) Anything else you can always launch the main app for that. And what are the main things most people would need to auto-fill on a website? Login, Identity, and Credit Card information! Hence why they are “Suggestions”. Now personally I got the design intent behind the “Suggestions” section when it was first introduced. It was a great move IMO.. But it wasn’t exactly spelled out as the “These are the things you are most likely going to auto-fill on this particular website” section. So there was some pushback because it was different from what was there before absent an explanation as to why. Or at least that’s my take on it. Given the option to have frequently needed information like Identities and Credit Cards readily available when navigating to a website or forcing users to take extra steps to search or browse for it ... I simply don’t see the rationale for removing the feature and going with the latter approach. Especially when Identities and Credit Cards were listed below Logins and therefore easily ignored by those who weren’t interested ... but still present for those who found the feature eminently useful. But in any event, the release notes of 1PW 7.3 strongly suggested this feature would be restored since it was listed as a “Known Issue”. But if it’s not coming I for one would greatly appreciate it if you guys provided some clarity on the matter. I’d much rather deal with knowing that the feature has been abandoned and simply adjust to the new reality than keep experiencing the disappointment of installing a new beta only to see that the one and only issue I have with the app has still not been addressed.

  • brentybrenty

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    You're not wrong, and I don't even disagree with you even a little bit. But you and I aren't the only users of 1Password. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I don't think anything has been abandoned, but as you've seen we're reevaluating and doing some renovations. I'm sorry that means things are a bit in flux now, and as such I can't make any promises. But we're listening to feedback from you and everyone else as we continue working on this. Thanks for your patience. :blush:

  • @brenty
    For every day use (and I do mean every day), I have found my 1Password usage similar to that of of @OAW. In my case the order is Login, Credit Card, Identity. This is based on allowing a vendor to remember me for shipping, but not my credit card information. Like my email address, my street address is essentially public domain data, but passwords and credit cards are essential fodder for 1Password.

  • rudyrudy

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    @xz4gb8 @OAW,

    Context based suggestions is taking just slightly longer to implement than we originally thought, but it is coming along nicely and will be part of the 7.3 release.

  • OAWOAW Junior Member

    @brenty and @rudy Glad to hear it’s still in the pipeline. :)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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  • brentybrenty

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    I've created a new discussion for Feedback on intelligent suggestions for filling, in case anyone wants to participate there, so this discussion can remain focused on more general feedback for the new mini design. Cheers! :):+1:

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