Unlock Windows or 1Password X using android app?


At home I have Windows 10 and can use Windows Hello to unlock 1password. At work we are on Windows 7, so I find I ave to manually rekey my 1password master password multiple times each day for both 1PasswordX and the Windows app.

Is there a way of using the fingerprint sensor on my android phone to unlock 1password on desktop, saving manual rekeying? If not is this something that could potentially go on your roadmap either via 1password mobile app or a 2FA app like authy?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version:
OS Version: Win 7 Pro
Sync Type: Not Provided
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  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    @miles_mendoza - I feel your pain; I use a very lengthy Master Password myself, and it can be a significant pain to have to enter multiple times per day. When we can offer secure ways to make that easier, such as leveraging a given platform's biometry, we do. But the key word there is "secure" -- and sometimes, there isn't a way to solve that particular problem without having to store the Master Password somewhere, even in obfuscated form, which is something we're just not willing to do. On the Mac side, we get frequent requests from users wanting to unlock 1Password on their desktop Mac (without a fingerprint scanner) by using their Apple Watch or their phone, and we've had to tell them no for the same reasons -- Apple has an internal API that allows you to unlock your Mac securely from your Apple Watch, but (until recently) they didn't make that API available to 3rd party developers like us. Now that Apple have made it available, we're exploring our options. If the same thing becomes feasible on the Windows side, we'll be interested to pursue things here as well -- but for now, I'm afraid you're stuck here with me, having to enter our complex, secure Master Passwords on our desktop computers, for the present.

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