Site Login Failure

I'm trying to use 1PW with the site in Firefox 6.0.2 on Windows 7 PC.
It does not work, period!
Not only that but your UI does not provide:
* a convenient way to copy and paste it in manually
* a convenient way to open up 1PW without going to the Start menu, finding the 1PW full app.

The Save PW feature on the 1P menu does not work on this site either.
I'm using 1PW for Windows.


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Teaman, that site uses a Flash login page. :(

    I tried creating a Login item for the site by hand, in the main 1Password program, but that page defeated even "auto-type."

    1Password is unable to save and restore logins for sites that use Adobe Flash. As far as we know, no browser password manager anywhere supports Flash-based sites because it is a proprietary solution and does not interface with the browser much at all. In fact, we worked with a Flash consultant and after reviewing the latest APIs provided by Adobe we found it is still not possible unless websites modify their code to allow it.

    Most websites realize the problems with using Flash and provide a standard HTML login page as well. If you search around on their site or contact their support, you will likely find a normal login page that will work correctly. If you cannot find one, the only workaround is to save the username and password in 1Password and copy and paste it whenever you need to log into the site.

    As for launching 1Password and copying your credentials from it:
    • We may consider restoring a "launch 1Password" option to the browser extensions at some point in the future. In the meantime, though, Windows offers two easy ways to launch programs without going to the "start" menu: desktop shortcuts and pinning programs to the taskbar. You can use either of both of those methods to create alternatives for launching 1Password.

    • 1Password includes a "copy" icon next to every username and password field in the details area for a selected Login item. Please see Can I copy and paste my username and password? in the FAQ section of the user's guide for details.

      Note that the Ctrl+C shortcut works, too; but they seem to be reversed in the current build, for some reason: a single Ctrl+C copies the password value to the Clipboard; clicking Ctrl+C twice copies the username value to the Clipboard. I'll report that, as it's supposed to be the other way around. :oops:

    I hope that helps, Teaman.
  • TeamanTeaman Junior Member
    Yes please restore the launch 1PW in the extension. Not sure why it was removed.
    I looked for and then asked that site's support to provide a "backdoor" non-Flash login. We will see if anything comes of it.

    As a general comment and without a lot of thorough analysis, my experience with using 1PW now for years has recently gone from stellar to moderate when it comes to dependability.
    This is due possibly to a variety of factors...
    * inconsistencies across web browsers (I use FF, Safari, IE (Win), Chrome).
    * more Flash sites used for Login page
    * FF updates that seem to break 1PW
    * 1PW UI changes that seem to improve in some ways but digress in others (like having to login to get to the Launch 1PW menu item that isn't consistently there in all browser's 1PW versions, then having to login again when it does launch.)
    * recent update procedure you required for the FF update. I thought 1PW was broken. I went to your support site and spent about 30 minutes before I found any mention of the problem. Then it wasn't a simple prompted button to click but a re-download and install as if from scratch approach. Don't know what that was all about or why your support site nearly hid mentioning it.

    Maybe these are all just bumps along the way and I'm past them and things will be smooth again... I hope so but it's been bumpy lately. Trend line hasn't been looking good.
    Please return 1PW to the rock solid reliable dependable tool it used to be as much as possible. I realize there's lots of divergence out there and faster updates to browsers so that's got to make your life difficult to do this.
  • svondutchsvondutch

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    Teaman wrote:

    more Flash sites used for Login page

    Actually, I'm seeing the opposite. With the success of the iPhone and the iPad, I see less and less login forms using Flash.

    Teaman wrote:

    FF updates that seem to break 1PW

    I agree Mozilla's 6-week release cycle is inconvenient, but we have always supported the latest version. When a new major version is released, we'll support this within 24 hours.

    Teaman wrote:

    recent update procedure you required for the FF update. I thought 1PW was broken. I went to your support site and spent about 30 minutes before I found any mention of the problem.

    You must be referring to the Mac version here (not the Windows version). This is the Windows forum.

    Teaman wrote:

    Maybe these are all just bumps along the way

    You're right - the web browser market is very bumpy lately. This is inconvenient for us extension developers, too.

    Last weekend, Chrome 14 was released. We support this.

    Next week, Mozilla will release Firefox 7. We'll support this.

    And then we have new things in the pipeline that will not only streamline the user experience across all the web browser, but also add new web browsers to the mix.

    Thanks, Stefan.
  • TeamanTeaman Junior Member
    Stafan, Thanks. Sorry for the mix in Mac/Win version issues. You were right, it was on aMac. I use Win at work, Mac at home. Both have 1PW so it's easy to mix up where I saw something.
    Thanks for your response and putting up with my little vent of frustrations. I look forward to more good things from Agile.
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    Unfortunelly the same problem for me ... I'm trying to use 1Password with the website:

    I use Firefox 6.0.2 / Windows Xp Sp3 Pc .... Those website (and other 12 wich I need it) dosen`t work.
    All webiste (where I need to use 1Pw) use Flash to login,will be better to find a solution for Flash because this will be
    the future for all most of website`s. I`m really sorry because I cannot use Pw1,very sad for me.
  • eeusebiu wrote:

    better to find a solution for Flash because this will be the future for all most of website`s.

    You must be kidding me.
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    eeusebiu, welcome to the forum!

    I'm sorry that you don't find 1Password useful at enough sites to warrant licensing it, but I have to agree with Stefan: it seems very unlikely that Flash, with all its problems, will become an even bigger problem than it already is. HTML 5 seems likely to replace Flash, over time. Adobe themselves are offering tools for authoring HTML 5 and for converting Flash to HTML 5.
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