Screen Capture on Android

I have a strange issue on my Android phone. I read on the Update Notes that for 1Password 7.1.5 you've implemented the following security feature:

Prevent revealed passwords from being visible to screen capture tools during drag-and-drop. {591}

When I was putting my phone in Do Not Disturb mode I noticed that the Screen Capture icon was blue - normally the icons only go blue when they're active. So I pressed Screen Capture and it took a picture of my screen.

When I went back to the Quick Settings menu I saw that the Screen Capture button was still blue. It remains so even after a device reboot.

It's difficult to explain so I've uploaded a screenshot. Notice how the options in use are blue and the others aren't.

Is it normal for the Screen Capture option to be blue even when not in apparent use?
Is this related to 1Password?

I'm running Android Pie 9 (June 2019 security patch) with 1Password 7.1.5 (membership)


  • periperi

    Team Member

    Hey @gazu. The icon you're seeing in your quick settings menu is unrelated to 1Password. The issue you referred to was an issue where screen capture apps could potentially record your password when using drag and drop. I'm not sure why you're seeing this icon on your quick settings menu. Do you have a 3rd party screen capture app installed? If so, it may be that app's icon in quick settings.

  • Hi @peri

    I don't have any third-party screen capture apps installed and I'm running stock Android.

    My worry is that with it being highlighted blue it may be capturing the contents of my screen, including 1Password.

    It'd be pretty stupid malware to identify itself like that which is what led me to think it might have been an OS feature or something 1Password was enabling as a counter-screen capture feature.

    If it's nothing to do with 1Password I'll have to contact the device manufacturer and see if they have any suggestions.

    Thanks :)

  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    Hi @gazu! I can confirm that none of the changes that we made with respect to preventing screen captures would have any affect outside of 1Password. The blue screen capture icon would certainly seem to suggest that something is active, although I'm not familiar with that particular quick settings tile, so I couldn't say with any certainty what exactly that indicates. If it is a feature that your manufacturer adds on top of stock Android, perhaps they can clarify why the icon is always blue.

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