Auto-fill not working correctly for name fields

The auto-fill function is not working in my PC (haven't checked with my iOS devices yet).
Whenever I select my identity, my full name (first+last name) copied over to First Name and Last Name fields.
Tried with different forms, same results.
Is this a bug?

In addition to this, I would expect the possibility to select the first/last name from different identities if I have.
For example, in identity 1, I would just maintain my last name and first name as initials.
In identity 2, I'd have my full first and last names.
So, it would be flexible if auto-fill of first/last name should be independent of email address selection.

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  • bundtkatebundtkate

    Team Member

    If you're seeing fields filled improperly, that's like a result of the way that particular form is designed, @harish_ravikumar. As a rule, I see my identities fill pretty well everywhere, but I do run into exceptions from time to time. Most commonly, I see this sort of issue when both first name and last name fields are just labeled name or something equally generic. If you can share the URL of the form that isn't filling properly we can take a closer look.

    As for different names, I'd refer you to the other thread where we discussed e-mail addresses. The current expectation is that if you have different ways you want to fill your Identity in different scenarios, you'll have situation-specific identity items that cover your bases. Of course, as I said in the other thread, if you have a use-case where that's not practical, we'd love to hear about it. :chuffed:

  • Hello @bundtkate Many thanks for your feedback.
    I see this auto-fill issues in some Google forms.
    Your explanation clarifies why both first and last names are copied over. Appreciate it.

  • GregGreg

    Team Member

    @harish_ravikumar: Please share the example of the Google form that you are having difficulties with and we will take a look. Thank you!

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