HELP. Forgot Master Pwd but have Windows app open. Is there a way 2move vault to new account?

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I've apparently forgotten my Master Password for my account. However, fortunately I was able to open my 1P Windows 10 app (v 7.3.684). I have also created a brand new account on the website. So is there a way to pull in the data from my 1P Windows app into my new account? I know my 1P Windows app has been making backups. Could I somehow pull one of those into my new account or something?
Also, I have tried to export a CSV from my Windows app, but for some reason it's literally got hundreds of "titles" and is a complete mess, so even if I tried to sort them correctly in Excel, it might take days. Not sure why the CSV exports so messy, but if I import the CSV into the new account, everything just comes in as "field"s. No titles, no order. I've got about 650 logins so I guess that's the reason.

Any ideas how to get readable data?

1Password Version: 7.3.684
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type:


  • Anyone have any idea? Could I somehow pull data from a backup file? I have the old Windows app still open but I can't close it since I don't have the updated password.

    (The reason I'm having issues in the first place is I changed my password on my iPhone this morning. And when I went to my work computer to open 1Password, it wouldn't accept the new password. I find it hard to believe that I fat-fingered the new password on my iPhone because I had to enter it twice. Anyways, now I can't get back in to any 1P app except my Home computer. I was able to use the old Master Pwd on that because I unplugged it from ethernet before I turned it on. So I'm in the app with the old Master pwd but I have since plugged it back into ethernet, so it will lock me out if it the app ever closes)

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    I replied to your original thread here, @pixel41, so I'll refer you back there. If you could, let's keep the conversation in that thread moving forward. I know you're in a scary situation and probably pretty stressed, but posting in multiple places actually slows things down as we try to pull all of the details in various different places together and make sure we have an understanding of the issue. If you can keep things in one place, it is a really great help to us so we know we've got the full picture of your issue in one place and aren't digging around in other threads for details we might have missed. Thanks! :chuffed:

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