1P Mini UI Changes - 7.3 b-13

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I can not protest loudly enough when a developer changes the UI for an app or associated system integrations (1P Mini) and alters it to a point where they have actually taken away features that I use every day. As a long time user it's so incredibly frustrating to have your workflow interrupted learning a UI rethink. Muscle memory is realz!

I get that it all makes Mini look cleaner. I'll give you that. But when you take away features for something I'm now paying for via a yearly subscription ... my dollars aren't reflecting my needs.

  1. The new popup menu = Grrrrrr! I only just now figured out how to now call up the Menu with ⌘–↓. Um ... that was intuitive—NOT! I've requested before that I could call up the menu categories via dedicated keyboard commands while Mini was open. But that hasn't happened. The only thing I see is the ability to change databases via ⌘–1 etc. I'd rather those main level commands be used to change categories. How many people actually use multiple databases? Not me. I've use 1 for all the years I've used 1P (since v1).

  2. You've also removed the sliders for me to be able to control the number of digits and symbols. Many websites still limit the number of digits and symbols & now I can't control that from Mini—when I could do it before? Not good. Now I have to open the 1P app to be able to have that kind of granular control. What was the thinking behind that? It may make the interface cleaner; but at the cost of functionality. PLEASE don't remove those sliders from the app! Mini is supposed to make life easier—not more difficult!

I realize this is the beta and those feature may have not been rolled out to the general public ... but PLEASE rethink at least adding keyboard commands:
⌘–1 = All Items
⌘–2 = Favorites
⌘–3 = Logins
⌘–4 = Credit Cards
etc etc etc

And even if you have to make the commands ⌘⇧–number ... make them uniform in both the app & Mini. Or better yet ... let keyboard commands be user definable across Mini & the app via 1P prefs.

And please add back the slider controls to Mini, or even numeric fields—some way to alter the quantity of each—not just on/off.

And while I'm at it ... is there any way that websites publish their password requirements? And is there any way for 1P to read that and alter passwords to conform to those rules when creating a new password for a new website? There are still websites that will only allow you use certain characters & I still have to go into the new password in Mini & remove characters that are not allowed. If Mini could somehow know these limitations & use them auto-magically to create a compliant password ... now THAT would be and amazing feature!

Yes ... I'm a passionate (and maybe a bit crazy) long-time user & proponent of 1Password. I don't mind change. Change is a good thing. But when you remove features—for whatever reason—I'm going to speak up. That's part of the beta process. Yes?


1Password Version: 7.3 b-13
Extension Version: 7.3 b-13
OS Version: 10.14.5
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks for reaching out, and for being a little crazy about 1Password. ;) I am really sorry that your comments here were somehow missed until now though. There's no good excuse, so I'll leave it at that. Thanks for your patience. :blush:

    Given how much time has passed, you probably are already using the latest beta with some improvements we've made since then in response to feedback we've received regarding 7.3. A lot of people do use multiple vaults -- now more than ever, thanks to 1Password memberships, especially for families and teams with shared vaults. As far as keyboard shortcuts, ⌘ 1, 2, 3, etc. have long been used for vault switching (for years) and it would be really disruptive to anyone using multiple vaults to switch them to doing something else now. But we'll continue to evaluate to see if there are other ways we can make the new UI even easier to use. If you can give specific examples, that could help a lot.

    We've made some adjustments to the UI there the might help with #1. . If you're still having trouble, please let me know the specifics as far as what you're trying to do and where you feel that 1Password is getting in your way, and I'll bring it up with the team to see if there's something we can do to help.

    Regarding #2, specifying the number of digits and symbols, you can read more about the new password generator and the thinking behind it here. But, long story short, there are very few instances where a specific number of those is needed, other than "at least one" (which is fairly common); and since that can be satisfied by enabling the option in the new generator without unnecessarily limiting the entropy by not allowing for more than 1, 2, etc., which gives us better compatibility with more websites with "set it and forget it" options, it's a better user experience for most people. But if you find you're fighting with specific websites to get suitable passwords, please let us know which ones so we can investigate. Nothing is set in stone, and if common practices change we may need to make adjustments.

    As for password requirements, there is no standard for these being published by websites, so it's not something 1Password can find out programmatically. We are working toward having presets for this sort of thing in the future, where 1Password could generate a password for a given site based on known limitations as far as length and composition, but as you can imagine that's a painstaking manual process, and these can also change over time. So for now our primary focus in that area is still going to remain on filling, since that is the thing in 1Password that gets the most use day in and day out, whereas setting up a new account or changing a password is usually a one-time occurrence. But it's something we're looking into. I agree that it would be awesome if 1Password just "knew" how to make the absolute best password for a website without us even having to think about it. :)

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience with us. We'll continue to listen to you and everyone else as we develop 1Password further. And if you encounter specific issues, be sure to let me know. I'll be happy to investigate.

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