Files not syncing properly.

I am running 1password 6.8.9 on a Mac Mini. I have an iphone 5c. I have 70 items in my Primary Vault. There is a 1Password.opvault file located in Dropbox and according to the Sync section of 1p preferences, the Primary Vault and Dropbox are synched. When I login to 1password on my iphone, it says there are only 28 items.

What am I missing?

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    @saltenberg - I'm sorry for the trouble. My guess is sync is misconfigured somehow. I'd recommend these troubleshooting steps, paying particular attention to the part about making sure both devices are active with Dropbox (they recently instituted a 3-device limit for free accounts), and also checking to make sure the sync keychain is EXACTLY the same (not just "Dropbox," check the exact file path each device is syncing with).

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