Feature request: four eye principle for subscription deletion

In our company we were doing risk assessment for 1Password for Business usage in case we have critical data stored to 1P platform.
Do you have some document to read regarding your 1P cloud service availability SLA and DR plan making sure that you will never loose data given to you?
I am sure that you have considered that in your own risk assessments but it would be good to read something from you regarding that that risk mitigation.

But maybe even more likely risk is regarding whole tenant deletion because of angry admin / lost tenant admin credentials etc..
So how to prevent that one admin account could never delete permanently our subscription with all secrets stored there?
For that risk I have feature suggestion: four eye principle requirement. So that it requires two separate admin to delete whole subscription. At least as an optional for those customers who are worried about this risk. What do you think?

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  • LarsLars Junior Member

    Team Member

    @Mikri - thanks for the questions. The best resource for you would be to get in touch with our 1Password Business sales team at [email protected] as they're best positioned to assist you with specific questions and requests. Having said that, I should point out that people with Administrator permissions do not have the ability to delete the entire 1Password account. Only Owners can do that -- or people they specifically designate. Just being an Administrator doesn't get you that ability.

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